HumiLife App

Condair HumiLife App

Exciting news for installers and contractors! We’ve updated the Condair HumiLife app for both Apple and Google Play stores with a new ”Installer Mode” that will significantly reduce the time needed to install HumiLife Steam humidifiers. Previously, installers had to connect the humidifier to the customer’s Wi-Fi network to complete the setup process, which had been problematic in certain situations, such as: weak mechanical rooms Wi-Fi signals, customers unwilling to sharing their Wi-Fi credentials with installers and customers who were unable to find Wi-Fi credentials.

The new installer mode provides a simplified setup were installers have a seamless way to set up the humidifier without using the customer Wi-Fi connectivity.  Customers no longer need to share their credentials with installers and can connect their humidifiers to their Wi-Fi network at their convenience after the installation has been completed.