Contractor Partner

Become a Contractor Partner with Condair HumiLife!

If you are a residential HVAC contractor and you are involved in home projects, we are your perfect match! Together, we can offer yours customer an added value in terms of comfort and health protection through engineered products. Our products combined with your skills create customer satisfaction that will lead to long term customer retention.

We bring decades of experience, research, innovation, Swiss reliability, and proven solutions to an existing network of approved regional installers (ARI). These strong partners are an essential key to success. They bring technical experience to a continuously developing market with great success, and stand out from other professionals in their field.

Are you a residential HVAC contractor and want to create optimal indoor climates? Are you a forward-looking installer? Then forget everything you ever knew about humidifiers: Condair HumiLife brings genuine quality of life to homes with a complete range of superior humidifiers to suit every budget, that are easy to install and even easier to maintain. Your customers will reap the benefits of improved health and comfort as well as ensuring their valuables are protected. Learn more about the Condair Direct program!

Above all, both partners should understand each other and have similar expectations in terms of quality. We are therefore looking for committed partners who are particularly concerned about the satisfaction of their customers.

  • Our team trains you, advises you on technical issues, and offers expert assistance in the planning phase.

  • Because your success is also our success, we support you with a comprehensive, targeted lead program. We help you to expand your offering and find new customers.

  • Day after day, we reach interested parties through our various marketing activities on the subject of "healthy humidity" and receive concrete requests for estimates. We send these inquiries exclusively to our specialist partners from the region, so that our partners can find new customers.

Download the Condair HumiLife Contractor Toolbox. 

This document provides an in-depth look at the great partnership that is available for residential HVAC contractors that are looking to expand their product offering.

Condair HumiLife Contractor Program

To offer a turn key solution for new contractors, Condair has put together a Marketing Support Package to get you started on the right foot.

Additional marketing resources can be organized by contacting the Condair HumiLife marketing team.  We have a large assortment of flyers, brochures, and direct mail pieces that can be co-branded for business growth.

Interested in the Condair Direct program?