Condair HumiLife 

The Whole-Home Flexible Room Solution

The Condair HumiLife flexible whole-home humidifier is a completely unique, standalone residential humidification system with powerful features and benefits for modern, comfortable living:

  • The Condair HumiLife residential series features a mobile app that allows users precise control over their whole-home's humidity. It also provides continuous monitoring for up to date information and notifications for precise humidity control.

  • Robust filtration system with UV lighting and reverse osmosis so there is no airborne germs or scaling.

  • A central unit mounted in a mechanical space with access to water, a drain, power, and a LAN internet connection.

  • Each spray head continuously monitors the room for precise humidity control.

  • No ductwork or heating system necessary for installation.

  • Great for radiant heat applications.

The core element of this system are the humidifier discs, which feed the humidification water silently into the room. They are hardly noticeable and can be individually integrated into any building. A high-precision sensor measures the ambient humidity and keeps the humidifier output constant at the desired level. The network of humidifier discs is supplied with demineralized water via a central unit.

The Condair HumiLife flexible whole-home humidifier can be remotely controlled and monitored through a smartphone app, allowing maximum control at all times.

The flexible room solution blends almost invisibly into the architecture of the home. The system facilitates individual humidity levels and provides optimum humidity adapted to each room. The cloud based control system provides ease of operation to meet the highest demands.


      • Hygienic, whole-home, adiabatic, atomizing humidification system

      • Standalone system does not require central duct work or any other specific type of heating.

      • Head programming capabilities for individual zone humidity control.

      • Remote control and monitoring through a convenient user mobile app.

      • Low energy consumption.

      • Cloud based monitoring system for continuous optimization and rapid fault detection.

      • Integral, high precision humidity sensors at each humidification head for accurate ambient humidity control.

      • Aesthetic head design to blend almost invisibly into the room.

      • Optional packaged RO system to pre-treat supply water for maximum filter life.

      • UL listed.

      Do you have questions about whole-home humidification? Condair's residential experts are here to help.

      Technical Specifications - Condair MN

      Technical specification table for Condair MN

      Note: The permissible water pressure range is between 43.5 PSI (3 Bar) - 72.5 PSI (5 Bar). You lose 14.5 PSI (1 Bar) for every 32.8 feet (10 M ) in height. Our systems include an RO-HB which have a Pressure Tank and a Booster Module.

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