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At Condair, we are passionate about sharing and developing only the best solutions for humidity and environmentally conscious evaporative control. Exposure to dry air in your home or work environment can cause discomfort to you and everyone around you. It can lead to skin and eye irritation, hair damage, respiratory problems and subsequent infections. It can also negatively impact your home by negating proper static electricity dissipation, which can lead to a risk of static shock, as well as potential damage to wooden floors and structural components since dry air can pull moisture away from the structure of your home. With proper humidification, these effects can be minimized and, in many cases, outright eliminated.

That is why we have made it our mission to develop market-leading solutions improving your comfort and health. Condair has developed a comprehensive suite of humidification systems that enable for properties of all sizes to introduce efficient and consistent hydration and comfort control. This is the result of decades of continuous research and innovation, which Condair continues to build upon to always ensure you get the most reliable and effective product possible. If you're seeking an environment that maintains optimal comfort, health conditions and protection of your property, then we can help make it a reality.