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Condair develops humidification & evaporative cooling solutions for your products and equipment according to your individual needs.

Condair has been a world leader in state-of-the-art humidification and evaporative cooling technology for over 70 years. The company draws upon it‘s extensive experience to develop and ever growing range of products manufactured to stringent ISO 9001:2015 certified quality standards. These standards allow us to provide our customers with maximum reliability, minimum maintenance and a choice of energy sources.

As well as a comprehensive range of standard products, Condair provides you with customer designed solutions and expert assistance to integrate humidification or evaporative cooling into your specific products according your requirements. We assist you as OEM customer (Original Equipment Manufacturer) before, during and after your humidification or evaporative cooling integrated product. Condair offers more than just manufacture and supply.

Condair provides a service you can trust.


Design & Development for OEM Customers

Condair is specialized on developing customer-specific humidification products and solutions for different industrial and commercial applications. Typical OEM humidification customers are active in the following industries:
- Wellness (e.g. steam bath applications)
- Close Control unit manufacturers (e.g. electrode steam consoles)
- Oven manufacturer (e.g. fermenting oven for bread)
- Manufacturer for climate chambers (e.g. for pharmaceutical industry)
- ... and many other applications and industries


Manufacturing & Supply for OEM Customers

Our Condair R&D and manufacturing site is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Our products are developed with the objective to manufacture with quality and reliability in mind as this is key to us. Planning is fundamental to our team to ensure we have an absolute match with your shipment requests and delivery dates. We offer also private labeling options to those clients who prefer to have their names on the humidification or evaporative cooling component.


Support & Service for OEM Customers

The Condair Service network is your turn-key approach to providing world-wide support for your humidifiers and evaporative cooling solutions.

Established World-wide
- Fully established world-wide service & support.

Local Support
- Trained local experts that speak your customer's language.
- Local support with a global agreement.

- Clearly defined offering and outcomes, to match your needs.