Clean Water Makes The Difference For Your Humidifier

At Condair, we are passionate about what we do and are constantly looking toward new and innovative technology to help our customers achieve total success.

A major part of this success is the emphasis we put on hygiene.

By positioning ourselves as ‘water experts’ our customers have peace of mind with access to the industry’s best technology and technicians ensuring absolute system hygiene and reliability.

Make No Compromises on Your Humidifier

Even if it appears clear and pure and is perfectly suitable for use as drinking water, untreated water is still unsuitable for use with your Condair humidification system. 

Why Does Water Affect Your Humidifier?

Bacteria is the main reason why. 

If atomized water contains too much bacteria, this will spread to the air, and when we breathe this air in, it will contaminate our lungs.  Our lungs are less resistant to infection than our stomach is.  In fact, pulmonary tissue is warm, and bacteria thrives in warm areas and multiplies quickly with access to oxygen and nutrients.  
It is therefore important to ensure the water your Condair humidifier is using is of potable quality and contains little bacteria.  If a water supply of potable quality is not available, it is important to filter the water and ensure you system is clean and disinfected. 

For Isothermal systems that already provide clean, atmospheric steam, water treatment ensures  reliable system operation by reducing scale build-up and makes end of season maintenance trouble-free.

Condair Can Help... We Are Water Experts!

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services with a major focus on hygiene and sanitation. As the leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial humidification systems for more than 40 years, Condair has the technology and expertise to meet the needs of any application. By specializing in water treatment our customers know that they have absolute system hygiene through our multiple features and functions.

Three Step Success

Every Condair humidification system is equipped with features and functions that ensure absolute system hygiene and sanitation. Working in three steps, pre-treatment, treatment, and hygiene and sanitation, our systems can be customized to the needs of any application.

STEP 1 - Pre-Treatment

During pre-treatment water goes through a dechlorination and softening process. Water is pushed through an activated carbon filter eliminating chlorine in the water, and is then treated with a duplex softening system, supplying your system with a soft water supply 24/7. Condair brings you the highest standard of products in the market, using minimal amounts of water for regeneration cycles.

STEP 2 - Treatment

During the treatment cycles, water is treated through reverse osmosis and deionization filters. Water is pushed through a reverse osmosis

filter, removing up to 95% of all minerals from the water. If further deionization is required, an additional filter can be added to remove the remaining minerals from the water resulting in ultra-pure water.

STEP 3- Absolute Hygiene

As water experts, we put a major emphasis on water quality and processes to ensure absolute hygiene and sanitation of your system. Condair has several features and functions that focus solely on the sanitation of your system and the hygiene of your water, from automatic dosing of disinfectant, UV lighting, to automatic flush cycles.


6 Valuable tips:

  • Make a service contract tailored to suit your company.
  • Stop the system if the drinking water in your area is found to be contaminated.
  • Do not otherwise stop the system, unless it has faults of leaks.
  • Introduce procedures for inspecting UV systems, cleaning tanks, changing filters, etc.
  • Introduce procedures for inspecting UV systems, cleaning tanks, changing filters, etc.
  • Ensure that follow-up measurements are made.

You Can Make A Difference

The cause of bacteria growth could be stagnant water in tanks, pipes, filters, or water treatment systems.  For instance, if the air humidification system has been out of operation for more than 48 hours, it should be disinfected before operation is resumed. The temperature conditions, insufficient maintenance, and use of unoriginal components and consumable are other factors which impact bacteria growth.


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