Latest knowledge

The best protection against the transmission of infections is a holistic approach: the white paper summarizes the latest findings on 16 pages. Healthy buildings are the result of many factors. In the current whitepaper, you will learn what connections there are and how the right measures can be optimally combined.



Recognize risks

The risk of viruses and bacteria being transmitted in buildings can be measured. The whitepaper explains which minimum values ​​exist, for example for air quality and humidity, and which actions can be derived from them for practical use.



Transmission of viruses

There are various measures to protect against virus transmission in buildings. In the white paper you will find out which transmission routes there are and what the lifespan and spread of corona and influenza infections depend on.



Protect natural immune defenses

The air humidity in particular has an influence on the immune system and protection against pathogenic microbes. The white paper describes the function of our mucous membranes and the importance of our innate immune system in a simple and understandable way.