Let’s put up to 50% of the cost* of your humidification project back in your pocket.

Let’s put up to 50% of the cost* of your humidification project back in your pocket.

Custom energy incentives are available for humidification and evaporative cooling projects. Let us help you get started!

* In order to achieve the maximum 50% incentive rebate a minimum
project size needs to be met.

Your local Condair distributor and energy rebate expert is D.F. Brandt.
Contact | Steve Brandt
Phone | 315.656.3884
Email | steve@dfbrandt.com

Companies like yours have created healthy, productive, and energy-efficient indoor spaces with humidification while saving money. Our local energy rebate customers include:

  • Sensors Manufacturer - $37,000 rebate
  • Automotive Parts - $77,000 rebate
  • Packaging - $78,000 rebate
  • Label Manufacturer - $74,000 rebate
  • Technology Company - $59,000 rebate
  • Automotive Manufacturer - $66,000 rebate
  • Printing & Packaging - $81,000 rebate
  • Label Manufacturer - $62,000 rebate
  • Flooring Manufacturer - $60,000 rebate
  • Educational Research Facility - $56,000 rebate
  • Plastics Manufacturer - $81,000 rebate

Contact D.F. Brandt today to discuss available energy incentives for your humidification and evaporative cooling project.

  • Improving the energy efficiency of your business is a smart investment. NYSERDA through your local utility provider offers a range of programs designed to help identify areas where your facility is driving up energy costs and will provide financial assistance in completing building improvements for energy efficiency. One area that is often responsible for high energy use is your facility's heating and cooling. Using efficient humidification and/or evaporative cooling solution can help reduce these expenses.

  • Any utility customer that rents or owns their facility is eligible to take part in energy rebate programs. Whether your project is new construction or a retrofit project, D.F. Brandt can work with you on a custom incentive rebate based on the unique energy-saving criteria of your project.

  • Not sure how to get started with a humidification or evaporative cooling project that will earn you a rebate? That is where we come in! D.F. Brandt has been working with local companies like yours for over 10 years to provide energy-efficient humidification and/or evaporative cooling solutions that will put money back in your pocket. Contact D.F. Brandt today to discuss a solution.

  • You can download Condair's full product catalog or contact D.F. Brandt at steve@dfbrandt.com and their team can answer any questions.

  • You can visit D.F. Brandt's website at www.dfbrandt.com or call the D.F. Brandt team at 315.656.3884.