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An important part of the architectural process is setting your building up right to ensure first-class air quality and minimal energy waste. Whether you’re setting the structural ground for a modern office complex, are planning the indoor design of a new school or are working on a manufacturing design, humidification management should be an integral part of your project in order to safeguard the health and wellness of future occupants as well as materials sensitive to air moisture fluctuations. 

Adequate humidification is a key element in getting the IAQ just right. The Condair team can help your latest project achieve the following through regulated relative humidity (RH) control:

Comfortable Environments

Regardless whether you’re working on an office, residential development or manufacturing plant, occupant comfort is integral towards general satisfaction. Our project support team will work with you to ascertain the most suitable approach in properly humidifying your building

Reduced Absenteeism, Maximized Productivity

Our team will consult with you on your project to ensure that all building occupants, sensitive materials and/or products positively benefit from humidity control. We’ll help you guarantee total coverage so that conditions are made healthy for human occupants. With the minimization of airborne-based infection potentialities comes a reduction in absenteeism, which will lead to increased productivity for building occupants. With our guidance, your project will operate at full capacity once it is complete and populated.

Mitigated Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Risk

To protect sensitive electronics, wiring, conductive surfaces and those who interact with them, ESD risk minimization is essential. By teaming up with Condair’s project support experts, you can quickly identify and address potential problem areas, protecting occupants and equipment before they even move in.

Preservation of Material/Product Quality

Materials such as woods, fabrics, and the products that are constructed out of them are easily susceptible to overly dry or moist air. To ensure your building project operates as expected for building owners upon opening, our team will work with you to analyze RH levels in all spaces and ascertain whether there are areas that require special care, such as storage rooms or paint application areas.

Protection of Structural Integrity and Indoor Conditions

With the assistance and careful guidance of our humidification experts, Condair can help any architect with a building project to safeguard their design for decades to come under properly humidified conditions. We’ll recommend the products best suited to your project that require minimal maintenance, which provide maximum energy efficiency and environmental control.

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