Are you a Contractor that Installs Humidification Equipment?

Condair is here to help...

            We are here to work with you to make sure that every job goes smoothly and to your satisfaction, and to your customers. We incorporate your feedback into in-depth analysis to offer better services and to build better humidifiers. In short, we work for you.

            Our team of humidification experts can assist you in the following ways:

            Packaged Products for Easy On-Site Installation

            Eliminate unwanted surprises with our simple-to-install products. Condair’s humidification systems are designed for not only hassle-free and highly efficient operation but also quick, streamlined setup. We ensure that you won’t waste time on a cumbersome system.

            Quick Start Guides for All Products

            Looking to get right to work and have little time to waste? Condair has you covered with our quick start guides tailor-made for each and every one of our humidification products. Quickly identify connections, components, and learn the setup process in a relatively short span of time so your customers can benefit from proper humidity control sooner.

            A Web-Based Certified Technicians Program

            Contractors can benefit from our available program anytime, anywhere – meaning you can far more efficiently attend to specific projects, systems, and needs of customers even if you’re not there.

            A Technical Support Team to Assist You in the Field.

            Call us at 1-866-667-8321 between Monday and Friday for quick, knowledgeable, and expert support services to assist with setting up or maintaining a Condair humidifier. Our support team is highly efficient and a popular choice for those looking for reliable solutions in a convenient manner.

            Delivery dates that you and your customer can count on.

            We stand by our product quality and attention to detail, and that extends to our delivery scheduling. When we say something is going to arrive on a specific day, rest assured that it will. You can count on Condair’s team of experts to closely monitor shipment progress and provide up-to-the-minute details on product whereabouts.

            Looking for an installation manual or quick start guide for one of our products? Check out our downloads section.

            If you are a contractor that is interested in working with Condair on your next project?

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