All You Need to Know About Direct Room Spray Humidifiers

We at Condair meticulously research, engineer, and manufacture a wide array of industrial and commercial humidifiers.  From printing and packaging to manufacturing and more, direct room spray humidifiers are an excellent alternative if certain spaces are giving you relative humidity headaches. But how do they work, and which models are best suited to your business’ needs? Let’s find out.

Operational Basics

While each of our direct room spray humidifiers are made unique, the general approach to installing and using them is similar in nature. These units are compact and non-intrusive, making them an excellent choice for tighter spaces or facilities that only need a room or two addressed with them. Some business owners, however, do plenty more with these little powerhouses, implementing dozens of them to create dedicated, controllable humidity zones. All Condair direct room spray humidifiers are designed to be highly energy-efficient and durable, engineered using long-lasting components that require minimal maintenance.

Ideal Use Cases

Here are some of the many applications that have had success with our direct room spray systems, some of which have been in operation for many years:

  • Printing and packaging
  • Electronics, aviation and aerospace
  • Offices
  • Grocery and retail stores
  • Grow rooms and food storage
  • Production and manufacturing
  • … and more!

Our High-Pressure Direct Room Spray Humidifiers

Condair ML-Princess

The ML Princess direct room humidifier is suited to large manufacturing and production areas to maintain consistent levels of humidification in very large spaces with high ceilings.  Depending on the humidification volume required, the ML Princess can be fitted with 8 or 12 high pressure nozzles. This means performance options can be chosen to ensure the economical matching of volume to requirements.

Condair ML Solo

The ML Solo high pressure air humidification system offers solutions especially suited to different space conditions such as low ceilings or angled rooms.  The ML Solo 1 and 2 can be attached either to ceilings or walls, and can thus accommodate the individual needs of any interior.  The ML Solo is fitted with easily adjustable support brackets, which enable precise orientation of the units. Water is directed into the room with high precision and at high pressure. The optimum fan design ensures the humidifying fog is directed precisely into the room and immediately absorbed by ambient air.

Condair ML Flex

The ML Flex is impressively easy to install and has very low running costs. Deployment in explosion-secure areas is also possible, since no electronic modules are fitted to the nozzles, thus avoiding both heat generation and sparking.  The ML Flex system has a wide range of possible applications, which are modified to suit the individual conditions on site. The system can be mounted onto both walls and ceilings.

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