How Humidity Control Reduces Failure Rates in Equipment

Perhaps you operate a sprawling data center and need to keep your servers in full working order, reliable as ever. Or, maybe you head an in-demand assembly line timed down to the second. Regardless, you deserve equipment that can stay reliable, performing at is peak and in need of as little maintenance as possible. Make it happen with the right solution; here’s how humidity control reduces failure rates.

Dust Suppression

Dust accumulates and clogs everything from computer vents to those small spaces between server racks. It can also interfere with the efficiency of delicate tools such as circuit board assembly equipment. Make it an issue of the past by introducing proper humidity control. Using a humidifier suited to your required load capacity can reduce the presence of dust and prevent it from building up, protecting computers and other equipment from overheating and developing failures.

Data and Electrostatic Damage Protection

Electrostatic currents can build up in metal objects and items such as computers. If such materials become overwhelmed by their current, it can arc to other conductive materials. This can include everything from monitors to USB flash drives, hard drives, computer circuit boards and more – and that’s not a good thing. It can mean data being wiped, permanent damage to sensitive electronics, and even a potential fire risk in rare circumstances. By maintaining between 40 and 60 percent relative humidity, electrostatic currents can’t build to levels where they arc as easily. Your equipment – and peace of mind, for that matter – will remain protected.

No Short-Circuiting

If you’re wondering how humidity control reduces failure rates in equipment, don’t forget the high end of the relative humidity spectrum. Overly moist environments are a serious risk to everything from manufacturing tools to server stacks. If a short-circuit occurs, it can destroy a system’s internals and render it an expensive paperweight. Plus, there’s also the significant risk of fire to consider. Avoiding the buildup of condensation and keeping air moisture content in check is not only essential, but critical to your company’s performance.

Reduced Maintenance

Who wants to slow or halt production by having to constantly maintain run-down equipment? It doesn’t always have to be this way. With proper humidity control, your equipment could gain a few years of extra life before more significant or frequent maintenance work is required. It may also reduce the need for costly repairs or replacements, helping you keep your operating budget under control.

All in all, any application can benefit from how humidity control reduces failure rates in equipment. If you want to find a solution that’s high-performing, highly efficient and highly suitable for your operating environment, Condair can help! Reach out to us today for details.

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