How Indoor Air Quality Affects Employee Happiness in the Workplace

Your employees work hard, but they shouldn’t crash hard. Such is usually the case in environments with poor indoor air quality, largely influenced by overly low or high relative humidity. To help your team – and yourself – in the long run, there are some aspects of air moisture content regulation that should be kept in the back of your mind at all times. Today, let’s highlight how to use improved indoor air quality to influence employee happiness in the workplace. It’s time to help your business be the best it can be!


Your team can only perform at their peak if they feel safe and secure, and it’s surprising to many just how much of an impact the indoor air quality in a workplace can have on this. From helping reduce the spread of airborne pathogens and toxic paint flakes to reducing the severity and presence of electrostatic discharges, safety is directly influenced by factors such as proper humidity control. In fact, keeping your relative humidity at balanced and neutral levels can even prevent serious dangers such as dust fires and static explosions!


Nobody wants to work in an office where their eyes and skin are irritated. Good comfort is essential to higher employee happiness in the workplace – you can’t expect your team to work long hours if they don’t have an environment that is conducive to their tackling of the day’s tasks. Using an office environment as an example, try keeping your air moisture content in check by optimizing for between 40 to 60 percent relative humidity. This can be achieved with systems such as commercial humidifiers.


You can’t just set your employees up in stifling, dripping conditions and expect them to be able to pump out as much top-quality work as that competitor across the street with a great humidity control system. Our minds require hydration in order to remain stimulated, but only so much. Environments with relative humidity levels that deviate from a “safe zone” (again, usually 40 to 60 percent depending on the application in question) can actually inhibit our ability to focus, multitask, keep pace and remain alert. Collectively, this can impact everything from production efficiency to quality assurance.

Employee happiness in the workplace is a key driver of success – you should be able to count on your team. Make sure they can count on you to deliver the ideal working environment by reaching out to Condair for a humidification solution geared towards your required load capacity, desired features, and more.

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