Humidity and Office Fatigue: What’s the Connection, and How can You Help?

Are your employees having a hard time staying focused, feeling exhausted and appearing to lack energy? Before pegging them as lazy or purposefully unenthusiastic, consider that these could be warning signals of fatigue at work. This is a pathological state that can be directly influenced by the surrounding environment. For instance, folks who work away under non-natural light in poorly humidified spaces are much more prone to develop this condition. Using systems such as evaporative humidifiers can help in this regard.

As it turns out, there is a strong link between humidity and fatigue. If this issue is taking hold of your workforce’s productivity, don’t worry, as a few refinements and proper humidity control can often make a world of difference.

How Air Quality Influences Stimulation

There’s a common misconception that slower, less productive workers are merely lazy. In many cases, this couldn’t be further from the truth, and they may actually be pushing themselves too hard in an unhealthy environment. Relative humidity levels have a substantial influence on how much your team can get done in a day, mainly because oxygen and moisture levels in the air can fluctuate accordingly. The goal is to create a just-right atmosphere – not too hot or cold, dry or moist – to provide the body and mind with enough hydration and CO2-based stimulation to fully function.

Humidity Control

Using an evaporative humidifier, such as those by Condair, helps keep relative humidity under control. High-efficiency systems help to regulate relative humidity indoors by hitting a preferred RH level and remaining there. Otherwise, employees can develop skin irritations or even allergic reactions to an increased presence of airborne spores and can start to feel fatigue if the humidity is too high or low.  

Comfortable Surroundings

Comfort is about more than having a nice chair to sit in at the office! Plants, efficient ventilation and natural light can also lend to an improved atmosphere for your team, boosting morale, focus and contentment. In addition, consider removing carpeting, which can trap dust and serve as a conductor of electrostatic energy. This way, with proper humidity control, you can improve dust suppression, reduce the risk of electrostatic discharges and manage air moisture content levels. Talk about an efficient, all-in-one solution!

Humidity and fatigue have one thing in common: Air quality. If you don’t control it with a high-performing, long-term solution such as an evaporative humidifier, it can be challenging to get the most out of your team and, by extension, your business. We at Condair can help you achieve the best results possible and have a happier workforce at the same time – contact us today for details!

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