How the Moisture Content of Cheese Affects the Curing Process

Condair has been proud to service many food and beverage clients over the years with high-efficiency evaporative humidifiers and other humidification control solutions. Among them include Sara Lee, Samakup Supermarkets, and even the United States Department of Agriculture. In our decades of experience in such applications, we’ve learned a lot about how cheese curing is directly influenced by relative humidity control. Today, let’s take a look at how the moisture content of cheese can affect the efficiency of this process.

Regulated Aging

Salt, enzymes, bacterial cultures, yeast, and other common ingredients in most cheeses require a warm, moist environment with much higher-than-normal relative humidity, usually between 60 and 95 percent RH. By using proper humidity control such as via an industrial humidifier, you can regulate the age of cheese products more efficiently to meet customer expectations. Plus, you’ll improve cost control by being able to plan ahead based on the determined shelf life according to the consistent age of the cheese you ship – no more over-compensating or unwanted supply chain surprises!

Consistent Misting Means Consistent Results

The moisture content of cheese is heavily influenced by the misting system you have in place, which is commonly used in this application to regulate the curing of batches. By switching to a high-efficiency, high-pressure spray or misting system, you can help ensure your cheese’s moisture content never deviates from what you need it to be at. This contributes to regulated aging.

Waste Reduction

If there’s one thing that’s great about optimizing your cheese curing processes, it’s the improved quality control and waste/cost reduction that comes with it. Regulating moisture with proper humidity control and a high-efficiency dispersal unit such as a misting system means having full control over the condition of your product. This helps to lower the number of ingredients wasted, time and resources lost, and more, all while ensuring the cheese you produce will be the envy of the competitor down the street.

With the right humidification solution and a dependable way to control your indoor environment – whether for cold storage or curing of cheese – your business can avoid excess spoilage and reap the rewards of optimization. To get started or to learn about our solutions such as industrial humidifiers, contact the team at Condair today. We’re happy to help!

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