Everything You Need to Know About Steam Humidifiers

Steam-based humidification systems are capable of compensating for reduced or fluctuating relative humidity (RH) levels at any time of the year, regardless of climate. This way, environments can be protected against adverse health, comfort, and productivity-damaging issues. Steam humidifiers such as Condair’s SE-Series offer the ideal humidity control solution in the form of an energy-efficient, resilient, and powerful product.

The Steam Generation Process

Steam humidifiers such as Condair’s SE-Series utilize a meticulously engineered steam generation process. This is otherwise known as isothermal humidification. Steam humidifiers are specifically designed to utilize central facility steam to boil potable, reverse osmosis or deionized water. This allows for such systems to produce purified and hygienic atmospheric steam that is free of toxins. The steam is then introduced to the outward flow of air, enabling for any connected area to receive consistent relative humidity control.  

How a Steam Humidifier Works

Consulting data collected by a humidistat, a steam humidifier analyzes the precise environmental conditions of a room pertaining to air moisture levels, otherwise known as relative humidity (RH). When the humidistat senses that the humidity has dropped below a certain point, a signal is transmitted to the steam humidifier, instructing it to raise the relative humidity levels by drawing in steam to filter into the airstream. Steam humidifiers heat water in a reservoir and the water is then converted to steam, which is distributed accordingly for even humidification.

Steam Humidification and Infection Control

When it comes to infection control to maximize wellness and safety, steam humidifiers such as Condair’s SE-Series are available in different load capacities to ensure that manufacturers, businesses, and homes of all sizes can benefit from enhanced protection. Low relative humidity (RH) can produce a bevy of threats to respiratory health, as aerosols containing microbes – and sometimes infectious bacteria – can easily be distributed through the air without any gravitational pull. steam humidifiers combat this by dispersing consistently balanced relative humidity (RH) – between 40% and 60% RH – into the environment to mitigate health risks. This causes the mass of aerosol droplets to increase to a point where they fall and settle much more quickly, drastically reducing the spread of infectious airborne bacteria. Many hospitals, retirement homes, and other healthcare applications use steam humidifiers for precisely this reason.

Steam Humidifiers are Easy to Install and Maintain

Due to their streamlined design, user-friendly housing, and the inclusion of premium-quality components, Condair’s steam humidifiers are built for maximum ease of installation and maintenance servicing. The SE-Series, for instance, is a complete packaged humidifier built specifically to filter clean, clear air into a space, including a fully insulated tank for highly efficient operation and a pre-cleaning sequence for easier and faster maintenance than ever before. Such systems make regular day-to-day use far more efficient, reliable, and easier than antiquated counterparts.

Clean Air Only

The process of creating adequate interior humidity control through steam generation helps to filter out toxins, chemicals, and particles that could otherwise impede upon air quality. The result is pure, breathable air that is suited for everyone from allergy sufferers to senior citizens and young children. Clean and pure steam generation means that no hazardous chemical boiler elements are filtered when using a steam humidifier. This is achieved with Condair steam humidifiers by filtering boiler steam through high-quality 316 stainless steel heat exchangers, which converts fresh water into steam and prevents chemical treatments and amines from being dispersed.

Electrostatic Shock Risk is Mitigated

Many environments such as data centers, automotive manufacturing facilities, and national defense properties depend on consistently regulated electrostatic discharge (ESD) control, which is only made possible through proper humidity control. In addition to other technologies such as evaporative cooling, steam humidifiers keep the relative humidity (RH) levels at a balanced, fixed point that maintains minimal arcing and current build-up. Otherwise, environments with low or imbalanced humidity can encourage conductive surfaces to accumulate so much static electricity that it reaches dangerous levels, causing it to arc to whichever conductive element can accept a portion of the current. Proper humidity control, achieved through steam humidifiers such as those by Condair, enables for the safeguarding of people, sensitive electronics, and even data against damage or injury from ESD potentialities.

Steam humidifiers are highly reliable, streamlined, and proven forms of achieving maximum humidity control, leading to absolute comfort, wellness, and optimum conditions encouraging good health. Condair is the leading producer of these powerful and energy-efficient systems, and we have a wide range of steam humidifiers available in a complete range of load capacities. Additionally, we offer different configurations that harness the power of steam differently yet provide an equally impressive means of humidity control. To learn more about our steam humidifiers, consult our Best Humidifier Guide or contact us today.


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