The 40-60 Rule: Why Relative Humidity is Necessary for Our Health

Managing a happy, healthy household can present challenges, especially if your indoor air quality is less-than-deal, temperatures regularly fluctuate, and conditions are either too dry or damp. Whether raising an infant, coping with seasonal allergies, or living with a respiratory illness, knowing you can count on your home to be safe, comfortable and hygienic is essential. That is why we need to, in such circumstances, adhere to what we call the 40-60 rule, but what exactly does this mean? 

Today we will explore why relative humidity (RH) is of critical importance for everyday health and wellness.

The “Goldilocks” Zone of Relative Humidity

The 40-60 rule means to keep your indoor relative humidity between 40 and 60 percent. And in every room. There can be no so-called “dead zones” – areas where there is insufficient environmental control or ventilation – as these spots can pose health, comfort, and wellness issues. Instead, think of achieving that 40-to-60 percent RH range throughout your property as a “goldilocks zone” of sorts – not too dry or overtly damp, but just right. Plus, regulating your indoor relative humidity can mean better-managed temperatures, a reduced reliance on heating and air conditioning (meaning lower electricity bills), and a home that’s easier to keep clean.

Staying Safe and Healthy

In these trying times, it’s best not to risk the overall health and wellness of your household, and proper humidity control can lend a hand in keeping infectious viral pathogens at bay. For your home to have any chance at airborne infection control – reducing the spread of microbe-rich aerosols and other particulates – that 40-60 rule needs to be followed. Otherwise, conditions that are too dry can cause skin irritations, discomfort, irritability, electrostatic shocks, dust buildup, and a higher likelihood of infections due to a lack of sufficient hydration. State-of-the-art, high-efficiency and homeowner-friendly solutions such as a Condair HumiLife steam humidifier can mitigate these and other risks by taking control of your indoor air quality.

How Humidifiers Make it Happen

In general, modern air humidifiers are designed so building occupants can maintain preset indoor conditions, and those designed for residential use are intended to be hassle-free to look after. Using Condair HumiLife systems as an example, they can make environments much more hygienic and comfortable, using electrode technology to generate steam while connected to a water supply. 

Regardless of the weather, season or temperature, the air inside your home doesn’t take good care of you if you don’t look after it. With relative humidity having a considerable impact on your everyday health, comfort, safety, focus, and even energy, an investment in a reliable residential humidifier is an excellent way to protect yourself and your home. To find out which solutions are best suited to your needs, the team over at Condair HumiLife is happy to help with any residential installations and products. Reach out today for a free indicative quote!

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