Need New Cylinders? Check with Your Humidifier Manufacturer

At Condair, we believe in empowering business owners with state-of-the-art indoor relative humidity control solutions. That also means our commercial and industrial humidifiers are designed for ease of use, streamlined maintenance, and lower operating costs. One of the few components that requires occasional replacement is the humidifier cylinder, which is a standard feature of our electrode steam units.

Humidifier parts such as these are critical to the performance of your system. The good news is, replacement cylinders are easy to install. Let’s explore the subject in more detail, and don’t forget to check with us your humidifier manufacturer if you need assistance with these or other Condair parts.

Benefits of Authentic Condair Humidifier Cylinders

Humidifier cylinders, like those manufactured by Condair, are designed to be easily replaced. Ours have been meticulously perfected over 70 years through rigorous research, engineering, and innovation to help with maximizing indoor relative humidity control.  Authentic Condair cylinders are easy to remove when the time comes to replace them, requiring little to no effort to disconnect. There is no need to disassemble your humidifier to get them out, and you don’t have to use hazardous cleaning substances, making the process not only easier on maintenance teams but also more time effective. 

Why You Should Never Use Third-Party Cylinders

Condair’s humidifier cylinders are designed to remove in-steam minerals in intervals via our specialized adaptive control and drainage system. This ensures they achieve maximum potential output, enabling your electrode steam humidifier to perform as intended. Once a cylinder reaches the end of its life and needs to be swapped out, some operators tend to use third-party alternatives to further offset costs. However, most humidifiers and their manufacturers require the use of proprietary components designed for specific units only, including cylinders. In our case, we’ve encountered instances where perfectly functional humidifiers malfunction or break down due to the use of third-party cylinders. These third-party components are counterfeit and are anything but reliable, nor are they designed to correctly interface with the humidifier unit itself. The use of one of these fake cylinders can not only cause lasting damage to your unit but will also void your humidifiers warranty. Play it safe by sticking to the components designed to help you get the most out of your system, no matter which humidifier manufacturer you select. 

How to Obtain Authentic Humidifier Cylinders

Ordering an authentic, reliable Condair parts such as a cylinder for your system has never been easier. All you need to do is visit condairparts.com, our authentic humidifier parts store. Once on the site you can search for your replacement cylinders.  All orders will be shipped directly to you and you can simply swap out the old cylinder with your new one.

Getting the most out of your Condair humidifier is easy, especially when you use the components designed specifically for it to ensure everything works as it should for years to come. To learn more about our commercial and industrial humidifiers, or to learn more how to order your Condair humidifier parts, get in touch with us today!

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