Protecting Hardwood Flooring with Proper Humidity Control

Natural hardwood flooring is incredibly beautiful and highly resilient, as long as its surroundings receive the right amount of relative humidity! To protect such an investment and enjoy your flooring for many years to come, proper humidity control is a must. Let’s explore how you can achieve the best possible results as well as a comfortable environment.

Consistency is Essential

Regardless of whether you’re a small business or large production facility, if you have hardwood flooring, then consistent humidity control is critical. Maintaining between 40 and 60 percent relative humidity (RH) goes a long way in reducing the risk of your flooring suffering in terms of quality or durability. A high-efficiency, modern humidification unit paired with technology such as evaporative cooling can ensure your investment is kept in the best possible shape for much longer. This is because such setups continuously monitor atmospheric conditions and adjust output according to your temperature and air hydration settings.

Reduced Risk of Damage or Wear

If the relative humidity in a space is too low, high or deviates from between 40 and 60 percent, your hardwood flooring may experience a range of issues. Forms of damage such as warping, cracking, and separation can occur, which can lead to everything from wood rot to brittleness. If your flooring has a cosmetic or protective finish such as a varnish, this can lift and result in a degraded coat, allowing the uncontrolled air to penetrate the surface and cause more damage. Proper humidity control can better prevent this from happening.

Air Hydration for Every Season

Proper humidity control using either a commercial humidifier or industrial humidifier means your hardwood flooring is protected not just daily, but year-round. This can save on stress and headaches if you live and work in an area prone to frequent temperature and outdoor humidity fluctuations. If you’re dreading the brutal heat of the summer or know all too well that a harsh winter is coming, then a well-placed humidifier with an appropriate load capacity for your needs can make a huge difference. It will allow for the same temperature and moisture levels in the air regardless of the season or outdoor conditions, especially when paired with an evaporative cooling solution. This is particularly important for sensitive environments such as musical instrument production facilities.

Your hardwood flooring can last for many decades to come if it is treated with appropriate relative humidity control that is consistent and dependable. If your flooring and environment have extremely specific temperature and humidity control needs, contact us at Condair today! Whether you need a commercial humidifier, evaporative cooling solution, an industrial humidifier or otherwise, we can help.

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