Want to Save on Energy Bills? Here’s How!

    Whether you’re a small start-up or responsible for managing hundreds of employees, we can all agree on one thing: energy bills are often too high. So, what can we do to reduce consumption to the point where everyday operations aren’t interrupted or jeopardized? There are many solutions, in fact, some of which involve a larger initial investment but incredible long-term value and savings. Today, let’s explore some key ways you can save on energy bills, allocating more funds towards making your business the best it can be.

    Solar Power

    Going solar-powered is a more substantial initial investment, yes, but there are major long-term savings to be had, not to mention kickbacks from the government and rebates for making your business eco-friendly. Switching to solar power enables for your business to maintain peak operational efficiency during even the harshest of conditions, such as during an unequivocally Canadian snowstorm that knocks power out to the neighbourhood. It’s a smart and practical investment.

    Get Rid of Those Incandescent Bulbs

    Incandescent light bulbs are power-hungry and not afraid to show it. If your energy bills are high and you operate out of an older facility, chances are that outdated lighting is a major influence. Switching over to CFL or LED bulbs offer incredible cost savings in the long term. In fact, ENERGY STAR approved LED bulbs can reduce energy consumption by up to 75% if the entire building is fitted. In addition, your light fixtures will gain a longer lifespan, meaning lower repair costs to boot. It’s a win-win!

    Hibernation Mode on Computers

    Chances are that your business has many computers operating at once, and it’s likely that they’re on either indefinitely or for extended periods of time. Activating hibernation mode in all of your onsite computers (including laptops) enables for your employees to save their work and jump back to where they were when they come in the next morning. Scheduling workstations to enable this feature will lower energy consumption by a large margin. In addition, be sure to unplug laptops or docking stations before going home so they aren’t pulling any extra juice from the grid.

    Go All-Digital, if Possible

    Printers, fax machines, copiers and the like tend to consume a whole lot of energy, especially if there are several of them and they’re frequently used. In the age when so much business operations are carried out online, it makes more sense than ever before to migrate to an all-digital infrastructure. Investing in energy-efficient servers and remote storage systems is not only more energy-efficient than stacks of paper and cumbersome print-based systems, but it also helps you free up more space. This two birds, one stone approach is certain to help you save money — it might even mean you can move to a smaller, more modern (and therefore energy-efficient) space to save further.

    Invest in a Digital Humidistat

    Programmable digital humidistats enable for greater control over the indoor temperature and comfort of your workplace. They work in tandem with connected devices such as evaporative humidifiers and HVAC systems to ensure maximum regulation of environmental conditions. This proactive management means they only run when they need to. If you have ENERGY STAR heating, humidification, ventilation and air conditioning systems in place, you can expect even further savings when combined with a digital humidistat and/or thermostat.

    Steam Humidifier or Evaporative Cooling

    Investing in a high-efficiency steam humidifier (or alternatively, an evaporative humidifier with evaporative cooling capabilities) is an ideal way to curb high energy bills by reducing the amount of power needed to keep relative humidity (RH) levels at comfortable levels. In turn, this will reduce HVAC consumption rates while still ensuring building occupants are healthy, comfortable and not exposed to overly dry or moist conditions. This “Goldilocks” effect is a direct result of proper humidity control. Regardless of whether you use steam humidifier or a system with evaporative cooling technology, you’re sure to make your workplace more cost-effective to operate without any sacrifice. In fact, employees will feel better and more focused as well, improving quality control and efficiency. 

    From doing away with incandescent bulbs to investing in future-facing solutions such as steam humidifier water treatment, there are many ways to lower those energy bills and feel better while doing so! For more information on Condair’s many humidity control solutions, contact us today.


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