Why Humidifier Water Treatment Matters

At Condair, helping clients in a wide array of commercial, industrial, and even residential applications maintain an efficient and healthy indoor environment is at the core of what we do. Therefore, we know firsthand that the water introduced to your airstream prior to dispersal in a space is just as important as the humidifier itself. Humidifier hard water treatments can ensure optimal cleanliness, clarity, and suitability for occupants and specific materials alike. Water is the source of life and, quite literally, is rich in microbes regardless of the source. Let’s explore why humidifier water treatments matter in more detail. 

Manage Scale and Dust Buildup

In the case of humidifier hard water treatments, they are essential in keeping scale buildup under control. Water that is untreated and too hard can accumulate scale much more quickly, which increases the frequency of necessary maintenance and also runs the risk of wearing out components or making them ineffective if you can’t keep up with a cleaning routine. Hard water does this because it typically has a dramatically higher mineral content, resulting in the creation of lime or scale at an accelerated rate. Keeping scale buildup under control is integral to ensuring your humidifier is effective in creating a comfortable and healthy environment that is sufficiently hydrated.

Bacterial Spread and Airborne Infection Control

Think about the fact that the water you put into your humidifier is basically going to be breathed in through the air in the room it is dispersing moisture into. Surely, you don’t want that water to be ripe with harmful bacteria including parasites, viral strains, and others. These can hamper even the most comprehensive and well-thought-out airborne infection control strategy. Humidifier water treatments mitigate as many of these harmful microbes as possible, though beneficial bacteria should still remain to encourage a healthy immune system.

Stay On Top of Regular Cleanings!

On the subject of humidifier maintenance, no such system can be simply set and forgotten. Even state-of-the-art, high-efficiency humidifiers such as those by Condair require regular, relatively minimal maintenance that is straightforward to perform. The maintenance specifics will vary depending on the unit(s) you have installed – you may need to change your humidifier cylinder or other replaceable components, for instance.

Treatment Solutions

If you’re on the lookout for an optimal, hassle-free means of regulating humidifier water treatment, reverse osmosis systems such as those by Condair are readily available. These systems are optimized to help you manage water quality, water hygiene, and overall humidification system efficiency. They are essential in keeping environments clean and safe for building occupants, as well as protecting sensitive materials or manufacturing processes in certain applications.

Problems at a Glance

What are some of the problems introduced by water that is not correctly treated prior to use in a humidifier? Well, hardness results in the aforementioned scale. pH imbalances can lead to corrosion. Silica may produce particularly hard, stubborn scale, while dissolved solids can negatively affect the performance of electrodes and nozzles. Dissolved minerals and organic compounds can introduce foaming, while excessive carbon dioxide and oxygen have the potential of increasing corrosion as well in some components. 

The Three Steps

Essentially, there are three critical steps we believe are instrumental towards successful humidifier water treatment. The first, pre-treatment, ensures water passes through dechlorination and is appropriately softened (an activated carbon filter combined with a duplex softening system can work wonders here). The treatment process itself, utilizing one of our reverse osmosis systems as an example, involves now passing the water through RO and deionization filters, removing up to 95 percent of minerals. Lastly is the absolute hygiene step, involving the sanitation and maintenance of your humidifier and treatment systems to keep everything running smoothly, correctly, and cleanly. Automatic disinfectant dosing, UV lighting, silver ion dosing, and automatic flush cycles are some examples of functions that fall under this category.

Your application and employees deserve to be safeguarded against unwanted bacteria, infections, quality assurance problems, and other unnecessary risks brought on by untreated water. With the right treatment solutions in place, your business will be in better shape. Want to learn even more about humidifier water treatment, or are you curious about the solutions we offer at Condair? Our team would be happy to help you keep your conditions – and your equipment – in peak operational order. Whether you wish to browse our product selection or need to request assistance with an installation, we’re glad to assist. Contact us today to get started!

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