Why Workplace Air Quality Testing Matters

There are a number of factors that can contribute to the well-being of building occupants put at risk by the very air that they breathe. This is especially true for manufacturing environments where an industrial humidifier with evaporative cooling can serve as a proactive, high-efficiency solution. Commercial environments can also benefit from enhanced indoor air moisture and temperature control, albeit with a commercial humidifier. Before making this future-facing investment, however, workplace air quality testing should be performed to ensure you implement the right solution for your required load capacity and current conditions.

Various Parameters to Consider

Proper, thorough testing goes beyond determining the indoor and outdoor humidity. The careful calculation of multiple parameters plays a role in accurately determining the current environmental conditions of a space. The air volume, percentage of fresh air and number of air exchanges are just a few of the several pieces of information needed. Collectively, this data can be consulted to determine the ideal air quality control solution for your needs.

Psychrometric Chart Variables

Performing workplace air quality testing can protect your employees, sensitive materials and products, and even growth potential for your business by implementing proper humidity control and filtration. We recommend using our psychrometric calculator. By confirming the dew point, dry and wet bulb temperature, total heat, specific volume and relative humidity, you can paint an even clearer picture of your current conditions.

Every Room is Unique

No two rooms are ever the same when it comes to air quality control. This can be due to a number of factors including the air flow, ventilation efficiency, and even heat-generating equipment in the space such as computers or servers. All of this needs to be considered so as to plan for any possible fluctuations in temperature or relative humidity.

With sound knowledge of your current indoor conditions, your business can make well-informed buying decisions when it comes to commercial humidifiers, evaporative cooling systems, industrial humidifiers or other high-efficiency solutions. If you’re ready to clear the air and make way for a happy, healthy work environment, contact us at Condair today!


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