Condair’s Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Series

Ottawa, Canada - Condair, the world leader in humidification and evaporative cooling solutions, is now offering their industry leading experience in water treatment systems for our humidity control solutions.

Condair now offers three innovative water treatment systems, the RO-A, RO-H, and MLRO as a part of their water treatment (WT) series. The WT series seamlessly pairs with Condair humidifiers to efficiently and economically provide improved performance, hygienic operation, and machine-life extension.

The WT series reverse osmosis systems are designed to eliminate from 95-99% of minerals from your water source which will prevent scaling and bacteria growth in your humidification system. This results in clean humidity entering the environment and less maintenance for the humidifier. By reducing the total dissolved solid content such as calcium, magnesium, chlorides, etc., the WT series also prevents unnecessary corrosion and foaming from disrupting the paired humidification system.  The WT series all includes particle filters, softeners and dechlorinator for added pre-treatment or standalone filtration.

Our systems can be completely customized to meet the needs of any application. From complete standalone devices to integrated systems, the WT series has maximum flexibility for complex solutions.

Features and Benefits of our water treatment systems:

  • significantly reduce scale removal and humidifier maintenance requirements
  • reduce unit downtime with fewer flush cycles and full tank drains
  • extend the life of consumables, parts, valves, nozzles, and media
  • tighten humidity output tolerance
  • improve humidifier efficiencies
  • ensure hygiene of adiabatic systems
  • meet tight air quality tolerances i.e. for clean rooms, manufacturing, etc.
  • Three innovative options to seamlessly integrate with Condair humidification systems.

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