Are you a Facility Manager in Need of Building Humidification?

Condair can help!

We’re proud to offer a complete range of services and beneficial features for Facility Managers and other parties responsible for the continued maintenance of an environment. Regardless of whether you’re in charge of a manufacturing plant or office, Condair is here to provide comprehensive assistance to maximize the comfortability and productivity of your facility.

Condair’s expert team can assist you in many ways, including the following:

Expert Recommendations

We’ll ensure that the Condair products you introduce to your facility or currently have in operation are not only suited to the task at hand, but also well cared for and operating efficiently. Our project support team will work with you to identify problem areas and present viable solutions that aren’t based on cost, but direct results.


Technical Support, Just a Phone Call Away

Call us at 1-866-667-8321 between Monday and Friday for knowledgeable support that you can count on to produce suitable solutions. We’ll work closely with you to guarantee the best possible outcome with your facility’s operational efficiency the focus at all times.

Reliable Delivery Dates

If a product is destined to arrive on a specific day, we’ll guarantee that it’s going to arrive on time. It’s important that your facility receives proper humidity control to benefit health, safety, comfort, and wellness as well as productivity and efficiency. Deliveries arriving as expected helps us guarantee you of consistent control of your facility’s conditions without hassle.

Comfortable Environments

Regardless whether you’re managing on an office, residential development or manufacturing plant, occupant comfort is integral towards general satisfaction. Our project support team will work with you to ascertain the most suitable approach in properly humidifying your building


Reduced Absenteeism, Maximized Productivity

Our team will consult with you on your project to ensure that all building occupants, sensitive materials and/or products positively benefit from humidity control. We’ll help you guarantee total coverage so that conditions are made healthy for human occupants. With the minimization of airborne-based infection potentialities comes a reduction in absenteeism, which will lead to increased productivity for building occupants. With our guidance, your project will operate at full capacity once it is complete and populated.

              Let us help ensure you have the proper humidification system.

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