Selecting Electric Humidifiers was a BLACK and WHITE Choice For Me

Let me tell you why...

My RES D200 belongs in a museum!

I knew it when our paths first crossed. We'd have a long, worthwhile relationship. But it wasn't easy at first. I had to remove her from her home and give her some tender loving care.

Of course you know I'm talking about my Condair RES D200 steam humidifier.
She was in the plant of one of our customers, who wanted a bigger unit. Ten
years old, she needed a mother board repair. So I fixed her up and connected her
to my home ventilation system. Apart from replacing her steam cylinder a couple
of times because of calcification – which is normal – she worked tickety-boo
for another 14 years.

She made our home environment a lot more comfortable during winter months.
While our winters in North Carolina are not as cold as other parts of the country,
they do get dry.

But all good things eventually come to an end. My trusty RES D200 needed a new
fill valve. I decided that rather than spend several hundred bucks, I'd get a new
humidifier – from Condair, of course!

No one makes humidifiers like Condair. They've had electrode steam technology for
the past 30 years like no one else has. And every year they bring new products to
market. Condair is the only humidifier we sell, and one of our top selling brands.
As for my RES D200, I asked Condair if they had a museum for antique products at
their main office in Canada, but they didn't. So I plan to do the next best thing –
hang it up on our office wall. It gives us a great story to tell visiting customers.
But you never know … if I get really sentimental, I just may get that new fill valve!

Using a Condair steam humidifier was a black and white choice for me.

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