Commercial Humidifiers for Every Application

All indoor environments such as offices, manufacturing facilities, or warehouses can benefit from the humidity control that commercial humidifiers can provide.  The impact of these systems is often overlooked, and facility managers and building owners may not realize the importance that humidity has on the people and processes within their facilities.  Let's take a look why having properly humidified air is so important.

Comfort  |  
Your employees need to feel comfortable in order to do the best job possible. Commercial humidifiers are a fitting solution as they are designed to humidify large offices and similar workplaces where many people work together near one another. With cleaner air and proper humidity control, comes greater comfort, meaning your employees will be happier in their work environments for longer. If they suffer from skin and eye irritation, become sluggishness, or have a lack of focus stemming from overly dry conditions, your business won’t operate at peak efficiency.

Health and Wellness  |  In addition to comfort, the health and wellness of your employees is critical to maintaining successful business operations. Proper humidity control from commercial humidifiers greatly reduces the spread of airborne bacteria and subsequent infections by weighing down aerosols emitted by humans containing microbes. This reduces the risk of an illness flashing through a workplace from person to person, in turn lowering absenteeism and increasing the potential of your business.

Material and Product Quality  |  Some products such as fine cheeses and wooden instruments not only need appropriately humidified conditions, but they absolutely require it to protect against spoilage or damage. From food storage to paint curing, the finished product must pass quality assurance testing to deem it deserving of being sent out to the public. Proper humidity control ensures that relative humidity (RH) levels remain consistent, stable, and free of fluctuations that could put specific material integrity at risk. Woods, for example, will warp in poorly humidified conditions, and coatings on a painted aircraft wing won’t be even if the application environment isn’t adequately treated with sufficient hydration.

Commerical humidifiers can make all the difference between meeting expectations and not doing so. For more information on the many different commercial humidifiers, Condair has available in different load capacities to meet your needs, contact us today! We’d be happy to present an ideal solution to you.

Features and benefits of commercial humidifiers

  • Aids in reducing the spread of airborne bacteria
  • Minimizes discomfort from dry eyes, nose, and skin
  • Minimizes employee absenteeism
  • Increases production output and productivity
  • Maintains and improves product quality
  • Decreases waste from damaged components
  • Boosts ROI of facility production and operations

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