Benefits of Evaporative Cooling for Commercial Applications

Operate a pharmacy, art gallery, retail store or manufacturing facility? Regardless, it’s likely that you store products and materials that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Alternatively, you may also need to be proactive about food safety and minimizing product wastage by extending shelf life. Maintaining the right indoor temperature as well as relative humidity goes a long way in achieving ideal results for many commercial applications, and it’s where evaporative cooling humidifiers really shine.  Today, let’s explore some key benefits of evaporative cooling in commercial applications.

Cold Storage and Quality Control

Whether you’re storing expensive meats or pharmaceuticals, having an evaporative cooler humidifier can ensure less wastage, better-quality products and overall reduced operating costs. Solutions such as those by Condair offer consistent performance so everyone wins from proper humidity control, from your staff to customers receiving improved service.

Happier, Healthier Employees

With the right temperature and relative humidity, there’s no stopping your employees from giving it their all and delivering improved service. This is largely because proper humidity control from using an evaporative cooling humidifier, can lead to increased mental stimulation, focus, comfort and healthiness. Cut down on those sick days and maximize the potential of your workforce by taking good care of the air they breathe.

Customer Comfort and Engagement

Ever shopped in a store while being blasted with air conditioning to the point where it was freezing, and you couldn’t wait to get out? Or, have you been in an indoor environment with air so heavy and over moisturized that it was hard to breathe? An evaporative cooler commercial humidifier can make such situations a thing of the past for everyone in the building, including your customers. It’s a great solution for those suffering from allergies or with weakened immune systems, as dust, allergens and airborne infectious bacteria are suppressed. This can lead to increased engagement, motivation to browse and purchase, and more sales. The trick is to use the environment to encourage shoppers to stay a while and enjoy their experience.

The benefits of evaporative cooling for commercial purposes are many, but these are the key standout reasons to make the upgrade. If you’re ready to attract more customers, keep hard-working employees and maximize growth potential, contact Condair for information on our evaporative coolers, commercial humidifiers and other similar products today.

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