Benefits of Humidity Control for Your Employees

We’ve discussed before how proper humidity control keeps your employees healthy and safe, but what about internally, such as when it comes to their moods and mental stimulation? These are aspects that shouldn’t be ignored, and evidence of a difference can be seen in schools, museums and other public facilities that maintain consistent relative humidity levels. After all, your company is relying on the minds and abilities of team members to get the job done and deliver on all counts.

Today, we’ll explore some benefits of humidity control for your employees in respects to their energy, mental wellness and alertness.

Mental Stimulation

The optimal relative humidity (RH) levels for most commercial and industrial applications are between 40 and 60 percent, the same levels as are standard in schools. If you implement a reliable, well-built and easy-to-maintain system to maintain a consistent, stable RH level, your team will receive the right amount of hydration This can not only protect them against various health and comfort issues, but it also helps them stay sharp, alert and focused on the task at hand. In short, if you’re yearning to get the very most out of your team, proper humidity control is the way to go.

Mood and Performance

Imagine yourself sitting in an office or working on a production floor in a factory for hours on end, five or more days a week. It’s already tiring work that takes a lot out of every worker with daily challenges, special projects and unexpected setbacks. However, what if poor air quality joins the fray? Without proper humidity control, your employees will undoubtedly suffer from discomfort and irritation, leading to worse moods and reduced performance efficiency. The way we feel inside influences how we act on the outside, and so, with a high-efficiency humidifier installed, you can help alleviate tensions by caring for your team with just the right amount of air hydration. This can spare them from developing physical issues such as irritated and cracked skin, dry scalps and eyes, sinus infections, and more.

Are you looking to keep your workers energized, alert and engaged so they can do their very best? Implementing regulated, precisely-controlled relative humidity is a wise investment to make, especially when paired with evaporative cooling for larger operations. To learn more about evaporative humidifiers and other highly efficient, reliable products from Condair, reach out to us today. We’re happy to help you implement the right solution for your company’s needs.

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