What are Acceptable Humidity Levels in Office Buildings, and Why?

Picture yourself at a desk for eight or more hours a day, fluorescent lights whirring above your head and the air dry to the point where you experience discomfort and can’t focus as well as usual. Alternatively, perhaps the air is too heavy with moisture, resulting in your team encountering breathing difficulties. Balanced relative humidity levels that remain consistent ensure that an office full of employees can work comfortably, stay focused and remain healthy. Otherwise, various risks and issues can occur that may detract from their performance, safety and overall happiness. Check our ideal humidity in working environment recommendations

40 to 60 Percent Relative Humidity is Essential

Much like hospitals and factories, offices rely on their workers to remain a productive and viable source of income. Therefore, safe humidity levels in office buildings are generally within the “safe zone” of 40 to 60 percent RH. This protects against overly low or high air moisture content. To get the very most out of your employees – and effectively, your business – proper humidity control should be a primary focus.

Safeguard Employee Health and Comfort

Poorly humidified offices can be breeding grounds for infectious bacteria, with airborne aerosols effectively given free rein in drier conditions. This increases the risk of illness flashing through the building, which can be detrimental to operational efficiency and productivity. Additionally, overly low or high relative humidity can introduce a range of respiratory issues, irritated skin and eyes, reduced mental focus, and general discomfort.

Protect Against Safety Risks, Damage to Equipment and Data

Dust suppression and electrostatic discharge mitigation effectiveness are influenced by humidity and temperature control efficiency. This can safeguard everything from expensive computer systems and servers to the employees working on them from a range of problems. Data loss, short-circuiting, de-soldering, overheating, and brittleness are some of the many issues that dust-laden or statically-charged equipment can encounter. Employees may encounter allergic reactions and risks of injury from electrostatic shocks if dust and electrostatic energy aren’t efficiently supressed.

Risks to worker health, productivity and office efficiency can be reduced by ensuring you have proper humidity control. With Condair’s humidification solutions, it’s easier than ever to maintain acceptable humidity levels in office buildings. For more information on our evaporative humidifiers as well as other available products and services, contact us today!


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