3 Reasons Why You Need an Office Humidifier

Spending several hours a day working in an office environment without sufficient air humidification can result in a range of health problems for employees, not to mention a reduction in office productivity. An office humidifier can make all the difference. Here are three reasons why installing one is a necessary step to take towards having a healthy and productive work environment.

1. Healthier Employees

Most individuals spend up to 90 percent of their time indoors, especially those working in an office environment. Interiors with dry or excessively moist air are breeding grounds for various bacteria and viruses, as deviations from the mid-range of relative humidity (RH) of 40 to 60 percent can result in increased bacteria, virus, fungi and mite growth. This can be hazardous to the health of those confined to the environment in question for long periods, and office environments being air conditioned in the summer and heated during colder months will suffer from low humidity, making employees working in them prime candidates for various health issues.

Installing an office humidifier will rectify these problems by allowing employees to regulate their workplace’s relative humidity and, in turn, air quality. There will be a far lower risk of developing colds, flus, sore throats, dry eyes, itchy and/or cracked skin and general discomfort as a result of the humidity being maintained at a happy medium. Properly humidified rooms feel warmer and more comfortable without drying out the atmosphere, particularly during the winter months.

2. Reduced Absenteeism, Increased Productivity

It goes without saying that absenteeism is expensive, with each sick day costing a company productivity and income. Rectify this by installing an office humidifier, and you’ll see an increase in worker efficiency through increased comfort and a minimized risk of health-related problems. Various studies have indicated that when the indoor relative humidity (RH) dips below 40 percent or climbs above 60 percent, absenteeism resulting from illness increases. With an office humidifier installed, your employees will feel more comfortable at work and be able to better focus on the job at hand, rather than being distracted with cold and flu symptoms.

3. Lower Heating Costs

Proper humidification helps to balance indoor temperature and moisture, allowing workplaces to rely less on more expensive heating methods that could also negatively impact air quality. Many of Condair’s various humidifiers are ideal for office environments, allowing business owners to minimize heating-related costs through their optimized operating expenses and maximum humidity control resulting from their highly efficient energy saving systems.

Prolonged exposure to subpar or excessive relative humidity can be hazardous not just to employees, but the overall productivity and income generation of an office environment. By installing an office humidifier, you’re taking protective measures to safeguard your staff and work environment from various health issues and general inefficiency.

Condair has specialized in the manufacturing of commercial and industrial humidification systems for over 40 years, and can easily remedy complications arising from poor office humidity and air quality. Contact us today for more information about our various products or services.

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