Feeling Dehydrated at Work? Here’s What You Can Do

    Whether you work in retail, a factory, or an office environment, from time to time, it’s normal to feel a little worn out. However, if you find yourself feeling regularly dehydrated, it can negatively impact your ability to focus, stay healthy, and maintain a robust immune system. If you’re feeling dehydrated at work, don’t worry — we’ve come up with a few things you can do to combat it! Let’s take a look, covering everything from what to drink to how often and more. We’ll also go over what to do if you don’t have proper humidity control and therefore worse air quality than expected, regardless of whether you have a commercial humidifier or industrial humidifier with or without an evaporative cooler setup.

    Avoid Tea, Coffee, and Soda When Possible

    Unless you’ve built up a resistance to the negative implications of diuretics such as coffee and tea, your body will actually lose hydration. This is because diuretics tend to pull more water from the body than what they introduce, causing more frequent urination. Switching to water or, better yet, water infused with enriching vitamins is a better solution.

    Drink Cool Water Frequently

    Instead of waiting until you’re thirsty, try having a few sips of cool (not cold) water every 15 to 10 minutes. You should be drinking 8 to 10 glasses a day for optimum health and wellness as it is, so this is one way to bring you closer to that threshold! Be sure to take a drink before, during, and after physical labour to help your body replace hydration lost while you were working.  

    Proper Humidity Control

    It goes without saying that a happy workplace is a healthy workplace. Therefore, maintaining proper humidity control is essential in that regard. Whether you have a commercial humidifier or industrial humidifier, it’s a good idea to have it inspected by a certified professional. If you’re not the only one getting dehydrated, the problem could be stemming from a lack of consistent relative humidity (RH), which should typically be around 40-60 percent RH for optimal comfort and wellness. Temperature control with technology such as an evaporative cooler will also help.

    What About Your Lighting?

    Those fluorescent lights might be cost-effective and easy to maintain, but they’re the worst thing for any working environment. They quickly dry out skin and suck most of the moisture out of a room, evaporating hydrated air and drying out working areas where employees are trying to stay focused. Instead, opt for as much natural sunlight as possible, as well as warm lighting that is less intrusive to the workplace. This will also reduce the risk of electrostatic discharges and help everyone at work feel a little more energized.

    Dehydration can be the result of many contributing factors including restricted fluid intake, a lack of proper humidity control and heat-generating lighting that can dry out any room, just as a few examples. If you want to combat this issue and be the best possible performer in the workplace, it requires a combination of drinking enough liquids and optimizing workspaces for a healthier environment.

    If your humidifier needs to be upgraded to a modern, more efficient unit, contact us today at Condair. We specialize in commercial humidifiers and industrial humidifiers that feature evaporative cooling and other innovative technologies to benefit workplace applications specifically. Make dehydration a thing of the past by reaching out to us today.

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