Hot Yoga Temperature: How to Avoid Dry Air

Hot yoga temperature is directly influenced by the relative humidity (RH) in the studio, which plays a critical role when it comes to occupant health and wellness. Using the latest technologies and implementing a few tweaks can make a big difference if you happen to have a space that suffers from dry air. Today, let’s go over some ways to avoid dry air when in a hot yoga studio, featuring everything from installing the latest commercial humidifier to some moisture-boosting tricks you can apply to any-sized space with ease!

Tropical Plants

Many plants produce oxygen and retain moisture, which can be introduced to the air to help maintain air hydration. This leads to better-maintained relative humidity (RH) levels, especially if you don’t have a commercial humidifier installed just yet. Besides that, some well-placed tropical plants can make a hot yoga studio feel more inviting and inspire tranquility.

Switch to Lighting That Doesn’t Dry Out the Room

If you use standard fluorescent lights found in most offices, it’s going to be harder to maintain proper humidity control. The air will be dried out more easily, occupants will feel more drained and tired, and it will detract from what would otherwise be an immersive experience. Try switching to LED lighting that can be adjusted to warm hues for not only more consistent air moisture but to alter the mood and make the studio more relaxing for visitors. After all, the hot yoga temperature may be higher, but it doesn’t mean your workout space needs to be dried out from poor lighting!

Install a Commercial Humidifier

Modern humidifiers are an excellent solution for hot yoga temperature control as well as the most comfortable, hydrated studio space. Designed to be as efficient as possible, they monitor atmospheric conditions to ensure your relative humidity never deviates from appropriate levels — usually 40 to 60 percent RH for most applications. Dry air can be a thing of the past with one of these systems, as they filter the air while administering just the right amount of hydration according to your settings.

Hot yoga studios have benefited from Condair’s solutions for proper humidity control to deliver the most comfortable and safest experience. Enjoy exercise in a controlled, safe, and wellness-encouraging environment by contacting our team today — we’re ready to help your business stay in shape!

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