7 Benefits of Steam Humidifiers

Excessive humidity can be as equally destructive and negatively impactful as too little. Therefore, it is imperative that temperature and humidity levels are efficiently regulated to ensure favorable living and working conditions. Steam humidifiers such as Condair’s SE-Series offer the ideal solution via energy efficient air quality control, and here are some ways that they are highly beneficial.

1. Safeguarded Humidity Reliability

With regulated relative humidity, indoor spaces can maintain a consistent level of air quality and temperature control. With the installation of a steam exchange humidifier, you’re essentially safeguarding the overall humidity reliability, comfort and healthiness of an environment’s atmosphere, preventing it from straying from optimal living and working conditions.

2. Generation of Clean, Hygienic Atmospheric Steam

Unlike other methods of atmospheric steam generation and air quality control, steam humidifiers are specifically designed and engineered to utilize central facility steam to boil potable, reverse osmosis or deionized water. Therefore, these systems can far more efficiently produce purified and hygienic atmospheric steam that is ideal for environments where workers or citizens linger such as offices, museums, galleries and educational facilities. It helps to minimize the spread of illness typically associated with subpar air quality or uncontrolled humidity levels.

3. No Chemical Boiler Elements Present to Negatively Impact Air Supply

Clean and pure steam generation means that no hazardous chemical boiler elements are filtered when using a steam humidifier. This stops the air supply indoors from being poisoned with toxins, which would otherwise negatively impact the health and comfort of those exposed. This is achieved by filtering boiler steam through high-quality 316 stainless steel heat exchangers, which converts fresh water into steam and prevents chemical treatments and amines from being dispersed.

4. Simplistic Energy Consumption

Steam exchange humidifiers offer a cost-effective and simplistic method of power consumption, due to the fact that they can utilize facility boiler steam as their primary source of energy and power. This allows them to function without having to feed off of the power grid, enabling for them to have no impact on energy bills.

5. Safer and Healthier Air Quality

Most people spend 90 percent of their time indoors, and the typical optimal relative humidity for most indoor environments sits at 40 to 60 percent. Exceeding or not meeting these levels will result in various health risks and airborne infections. Through clean and efficient generation of humidity that includes preventative measures to block out toxins, steam exchange humidifiers offer favorable air conditions and filtration to help ensure safer and healthier inhabitants. They work to prevent dryness or excessive moisture, better protecting against airborne illnesses, dust particles, static build-up and other harmful elements.

6. Protects Sensitive Equipment / Products

Whether dispersing humidity into spaces housing sensitive electronics such as servers, various musical instruments, or an archive of preserved wooden relics, steam humidifiers help to protect valuable and sensitive items through their ability to be set to generate a specifically set level of humidity. This allows for optimal air quality and atmospheric conditions for special goods or items. In musical venues, these systems can be utilized to produce a higher relative humidity percentage to allow vocal performers to more easily hit the right notes and not prevent their vocal chords from drying out.

7. Easy Installation, Reliable and Easily Maintainable (Condair SE-Series)

Specific systems such as Condair’s SE-Series of steam exchange humidifiers offer quick, streamlined installation and are built to last. They are maintainable with relative ease and minimal hassle, and above all else are extremely reliable thanks to their incorporation of premium quality components. The SE-Series, for instance, is a complete packaged humidifier built specifically for quality air filtration, including a fully insulated tank for highly efficient operation and a pre-cleaning sequence for easier and faster maintenance than ever before.

Regardless of your indoor environment, steam humidifiers offer quintessential humidity, temperature and air quality regulation through the incorporation of highly efficient and clean-air filtration systems. If you’re seeking a more comfortable and healthier working or home environment, then these systems are unquestionably ideal.

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