How to Avoid Electrostatic Discharge and Protect Your Business

ESD – short for electrostatic discharge – is no joke to business owners; it’s a very real and present danger for indoor environments with inadequate humidity control. Drier conditions are the primary cause of electrostatic energy building up on conductive surfaces, which then arcs and connects with the other nearest conductive surface – or individual. Not only is this dangerous for your employees, but ESD can corrupt sensitive data, damage computer systems and manufacturing equipment, and more.

It’s time to discover how to avoid electrostatic discharges for good with the help of proper humidity control. Here are some tips to help protect your investment and team!

Implement a Dependable Relative Humidity Control Solution

By far the most important precaution you can take is to implement an energy-efficient, reliable humidification solution that regulates the percentage of air moisture content, known otherwise as relative humidity (RH). Keeping the RH range between 40 and 50 percent is important to mitigate pent-up electrostatic energy in most cases.  Any lower, ESD and de-soldering compromises productivity and product quality due to brittle components, weakened solder joints, and product damage/defects. Any higher, moisture and condensation pose significant challenges including solder balling, component delamination, and poor wiring bonding.  With our various commercial and industrial humidifiers, we at Condair are happy to provide an ideal solution for every size of facility and required load capacity. Plus, there are various technologies of humidifiers readily available – whether you require a steam-fed system or an evaporative humidifier, there is bound to be a unit that aligns with your operational requirements, budget, and relative humidity control needs.

Minimize the Presence of Conductive Surfaces and Materials

Carpeting, upholstered chairs, and various décor items can easily transmit electrostatic shocks to unlucky individuals who interact with them when they carry a strong current. They also trap dust mites and allergens, so your team can benefit in more ways than one by doing away with them. Alternatives include mesh ergonomic seating, modern hardwood floors, and plants to help improve the air quality. In combination with regulated indoor relative humidity, you’ll have a cleaner and safer environment for your employees and any visitors. 

Condair understands the intricate relationship and delicate balance of humidity required for minimizing electrostatic discharge. Team with our experts to achieve optimum processing, while implementing energy saving techniques, and a healthy environment for your employees.

Want to learn more about proper humidity control and how to avoid electrostatic discharges? We can help at Condair. Contact us today to get in touch with our team – we’re happy to recommend the ideal humidifier solution for your application and specific needs.

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