Inspect Your Ventilation and Airflow

    The way air flows in and around your workplace is essential to battling dust accumulation. If the air is very still and stagnant, it allows for dust to settle faster than usual, but if you have a robust enough ventilation system that pushes clean, fresh air throughout every room of the building, it’s easier to keep dust levels under control. Try upgrading in-vent fan systems to more efficient and stronger models that are better at pushing cool, clean air through your workplace.

    Upgrade to an Evaporative Humidifier

    Often, the cause of dust buildup comes from a combination of air ventilation and humidity control, which can be well-addressed using an evaporative cooling system combined with energy-efficient humidification. If you and your coworkers identify that the issue stems from poor relative humidity (RH) control and/or air quality, then it’s time to replace your humidifier with an upgraded, modern system that helps to reduce dust buildup over time. Products such as a Condair direct or indirect evaporative humidifier help to bring in fresh air from the outdoors while controlling interior moisture levels to ensure that conditions aren’t so dry as to encourage dust mites to spread and multiply. Evaporative cooling systems are designed for larger environments such as offices and factories, ensuring that you get full coverage throughout every room for less cost and greater savings on both expenses and sick days taken.

    Dust is a leading cause of everything from hardware and electronics failures to even some forms of illness. It can impact paint adhesion and quality control, coating finishes, and even workplace performance if equipment is clogged and suffering from diminished performance. With solutions in the form of various strategies and products such as an evaporative cooling system and evaporative humidifier technology, you and your coworkers can breathe easier and get more done. Contact us today at Condair if you’d like to explore humidity-controlling, dust-busting solutions!

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