Learn How to Control Humidity This Winter with These Tips

Winter is well and truly here, which means you may be wondering how to maintain established air quality conditions if you operate a business. Proper humidity control is essential, as it can influence everything from the quality control and wastage of materials to employee wellness and safety. Thankfully, there are some ways you can ensure your operations stay smooth and secure from a productivity standpoint. Today, we’ll highlight some ways to help you learn how to control humidity this winter with greater efficiency, including using evaporative cooling.

Eliminate Skylights

Almost everyone who installs a skylight, whether at home or in a work environment, ends up regretting doing so. This is because these fixtures can pull in heat and humidity from outside. In the winter, this can mean that outdoor humidity can be drawn in as well as colder temperatures, making it harder than ever for you to maintain specific relative humidity levels and efficiently heat the property. Our advice? Eliminate those skylights! Instead, if you need more natural light, opt for thick windows with plenty of insulation and blinds that help control the current temperature and air moisture more efficiently.

Repair Leaks, Spills, and Duct Damage

Take a good look at your air conditioning and ventilation ducts. Are you noticing pooling water below them on the ground, leaks, or signs of damage? Perform an inspection and check inside to see if there are blockages or other problems and be sure to patch or replace ventilation that is worn-out or damaged. Otherwise, it can impact your airflow and ability to deliver proper humidity control. It may end up that inadequate airflow is the primary cause for “dead zones” — areas that your current humidification solution can’t address!

Energy Efficient Doors and Windows

An airtight seal is important when attempting to control indoor relative humidity, as noted earlier when it comes to skylights. However, a big risk of air leakage comes from the seals around your doors and windows, particularly if they’re older or worse for wear. Neglecting them can cause outside air and humidity to come in – and the air you’re paying to filter and humidify to escape. Like with skylights, this can make it more difficult and costlier to implement proper humidity control. Replace the weather stripping or upgrade to modern doors and windows to keep your temperatures and relative humidity levels under tighter control – it’s surprising how much of an effect it can have!

Upgrade Your Equipment

If your environment is full of heat or humidity-generating equipment that’s outdated, such as computers and printing presses, try upgrading it to modern technology that’s not only less impactful on the air quality but also more energy efficient. You may find that operating costs are lowered, and proper humidity control is achieved — a two-in-one solution! This could also lead to increased employee satisfaction by having the latest, most innovative equipment to help them deliver the best possible results.

Install an Evaporative Humidifier

If you’re unsure how to control humidity this winter as effectively as possible, an evaporative humidifier is the way to go. This is a high-efficiency humidification solution that includes built-in evaporative cooling capabilities. It pulls in fresh air from outside, cools and filters it, and introduces it into your property’s interior while filtering out old air that could contain toxins or harmful bacteria. This ensures that your operating temperatures are tightly controlled at all times, affecting overall air moisture content levels and giving you the chance to manage relative humidity (RH) levels as you see fit.

Condair is a leading manufacturer of humidifiers, evaporative cooling technologies and other indoor climate control systems. We’re an ideal choice for clients in a wide range of applications looking for year-round humidification solutions. If your business is struggling to find out how to control humidity this winter and beyond, we can help with our evaporative humidifiers and other custom-tailored solutions. Give us a call or email our team of humidification experts today.

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