Why Upgrade to a Modern Humidifier?

Let’s say that your business has been using an older humidifier for years at this point. It’s likely that you’re not getting the most out of it anymore. Machines age, become worn-out and parts need to be replaced over time, especially those built long ago. Plus, things were simply built differently back then. However, there is a solution: A new, high-efficiency humidifier designed for optimal long-term performance with minimal maintenance needed.

So, why upgrade to a modern humidifier if yours is still “functioning?” Let’s find out!

Improved Energy Efficiency

Older technologies are way less economical to run, consuming more energy than what is needed by today’s standards. When there are newer, far more energy efficient alternatives out there that are also designed to reduce our collective carbon footprint through improved system optimization, it just makes sense to make that upgrade. For instance, Condair’s evaporative humidifiers are designed to minimize the need to rely on air conditioning systems.

More Reliable

Today’s modern humidifiers use more premium parts and materials, and they’re designed to perform at their peak for far longer. This improved longevity lends to quite the value proposition – you just can’t get the same level of performance and dependability out of a decades-old system. Computer chips are faster, filter media has been meticulously overhauled, and the user experience is literally a night-and-day improvement from the humidifiers of old – just one of the perks of constant innovation!

Easier to Maintain

The Condair Group has been leading the way in revolutionizing commercial and industrial humidification for over 70 years, and we’re not resting on our laurels! We believe in constantly improving our products from iteration to iteration to deliver the best possible experience not only to our customers, but also to their employees, visitors, and customers. It’s why our modern humidifiers are easier to maintain than ever. Service is quick, seamless with disassembly and component replacement made a breeze.

Innovative New Technology

From humidification aimed at improving airborne infection control to incredible reverse-osmosis water treatment systems, today’s humidifiers offer substantial improvements in the way of technologies that benefit the air quality of your building. From resistive element humidifiers to outdoor variants, steam exchange units, direct room and in-duct evaporative coolers and more, your selection is anything but limited. Plus, at Condair, we’re happy to offer an ideal humidification solution in a load capacity that suits your operational needs.

So, why upgrade to a modern humidifier? The real question is, why not? There are so many tremendous benefits and innovations that older systems weren’t designed to offer that making such a future-facing investment will feel like a whole new experience – and a literal breath of fresh air. To get started or learn more about our selection of products, reach out to us at Condair today. We’re happy to help you modernize your relative humidity control solution.

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