Do you want more information on how to maintain the ideal indoor humidity level?

What should my indoor relative humidity be?

It is scientifically proven that the relative humidity indoors should be between 40-60%. This is the ideal range to provide optimal well-being for the building's occupants health and to protect them against diseases. Maintaining this humidity range should be considered for both your home and your place of employment.

Unfortunately, you are not guaranteed the ideal humidity naturally. Your indoor humidity is affected both by the outdoor humidity, which varies with the season, the building's ventilation system and people and materials in the room. 

Many people mistakenly believe that if there is a problem with the indoor climate, it is because the air is too humid and there is a danger of mold. This is far from the case for most indoor spaces, as the humidity during half of the year is too low - and it is from this reality that most indoor climate problems originate.

How do I Achieve an Indoor RH of 40-60%?

Unfortunately, many people give insufficient advice on how to increase humidity during dry times of the year. For example, you may came across advice such as adding live plants to your room, running a hot shower, increasing ventilation, or adding a water feature.  All of these measures may increase the humidity a little bit, but they will have an extremely limited effect of achieving a consistent ideal indoor humidity level.

So not sure the next step to take to improve your indoor humidity levels? This is where we can help.  A hygienic humidifier can be configured to run automatically in your home or workplace which will ensure that the air is supplied with the required amount of moisture. This way you get an indoor climate that is neither too dry nor too humid and stays consistently between the ideal relative humidity range of 40-60%.

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