No matter the industry or size of facility, we have a solution for you.

Proper Humidity Control is Cost-Effective and Drives Key Performance Metrics

Condair direct room humidification solutions help your operation and processes to be more efficient.  Whether you're an owner, facility manager, engineer, contractor or otherwise, we're sure to have a solution ideal for your specific application.

✔ Financial incentives and rebates

✔ Increase bottom line profitability & ROI

✔ Improve process control & quality metrics

✔ Minimize waste and operational downtime

✔ Reduce ESD and dust

✔ Meet customer requirements

    Condair: Ensuring the Lifeblood of your Business Thrives

    The Condair Group has been a respected leader in developing industrial and commercial humidification systems since 1948.  We continue to focus on creating sensible, cost effective and proven solutions to safeguard against low-humidity risks that could decrease productivity, damage equipment and increase waste.  Your commercial operation represents a big investment, so let's work together to help you get the most out of it.

    Your Condair Journey

    Our humidifier products are powerful and innovative on the inside, but easy to deal with on
    the outside.  Determining which is best suited for your commercial needs has never been more
    straightforward.  Discover the Condair humidification journey for yourself.
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    Contact us to discuss your current 
    situation so we can help evaluate 
    your needs.  We are happy to 
    address any questions.

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    A Custom

    Our team will work closely with 
    you to prepare a quote to ensure 
    the most suitable option for your 
    specific needs is chosen.

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    Equipment in
    Place, Problems

    We will work with you to 
    ensure a suitable time slot - and 
    provide expert support 
    every step along the way.

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    Smart humidity control solutions 
    for smarter operations

    Today’s commercial operations face a variety of challenges including maintaining the ideal environment for your industry. Our solutions can help improve your operations by avoiding complications such as dust buildup, electrostatic discharge, raw material shrinkage, product dimensional instability, and more. Not to mention humidity control helps to minimize production downtime, reduces waste, and lowers energy consumption while increasing bottom line profitability. This is also essential for keeping employees comfortable while minimizing absenteeism through healthier indoor conditions.

    Our extensive offering of direct room humidification solutions can suit the needs of any facility, of any size, in any industry.  These solutions will benefit both the processes in your manufacturing/production areas and the employees in your onsite office spaces.  Contact us today to start increasing your bottom line.


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