Look who just flew in to Condair...
Meet Hugo the Duck! 

The Newest Member of the Condair Team

You may be wondering why Hugo joined our team. Well, both Hugo and Condair love humidity!  So we thought adopting this curious little duck as our new mascot would be a great idea.

Starting on October 5th, each production unit that leaves our Ottawa facility will have a Hugo inside the shipment.

We would like to see all the places you and your customers love humidity.

Please take a photo, of Hugo the duck, and show us on our Facebook and Twitter page where he has traveled.

Once a month we will pick one lucky duck’s picture and send them a cool Condair prize.

Recently Hugo turned up in Toronto, Ontario taking in a view of the CN tower... where will he be next?

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Do you want your own Hugo the Duck?

Email us a picture of a Condair humidifier that is installed in your building.

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