4 Benefits of Laboratory Humidity Control Systems

Laboratories are delicate mini-ecosystems that require precise control of atmospheric conditions. Therefore, an evaporative humidifier is used for proper environmental control. Today, let’s explore some essential benefits of laboratory humidity control systems to learn how they remain viable, efficient, and dependable.

Airborne Infection Control

Working with different strains of bacteria in a confined space can produce dangerous and unreliable results if not met with proper humidity control. Evaporative humidifiers regulate the temperature and air moisture content, which ensures aerosols and other airborne materials can’t spread as easily. With airborne infection control such as this, laboratory workers can benefit from a reduced potential for health risks.

Preservation of Data Accuracy

Data and findings are directly tied to the source bacteria and materials that are examined. If relative humidity is too low or high, it can alter this bacterium and produce inaccurate results. Curb this with an evaporative humidifier that ensures unbiased, reliable data to collect and analyze by maintaining pre-set conditions consistently.

Energy Efficiency

Laboratories are usually populated with a wide array of technical instruments that collectively feed off the power grid. With regulated and consistent air moisture control, your total energy consumption can be steadily reduced. At the same time, your relative humidity and temperature control are both maintained, safeguarding laboratory operations.

Sensitive Equipment Protection

Much like humidification for data centers, laboratory environments demand a specific amount of air moisture content. These established conditions aren’t just to protect sensitive electronics and other equipment from electrostatic discharges; they also reduce the risk of damage from excessive moisture buildup. Keeping relative humidity levels between 40 and 60 percent is the key to maintaining appropriate conditions, protecting everything from worker safety to data containing scientific findings.

If you want to optimize operations using energy-efficient, resilient, and proactive equipment, Condair can help. Contact us today to learn about our laboratory humidity control systems.

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