Feeling Stuffy from Spring Allergies? Here’s How to Fix it

    Spring is well and truly here, and while many of us have long been itching to soak up the sun and see greenery everywhere, some of us dread this time of year. Allergies affect a vast majority of North Americans, and they can make work and home life downright miserable. However, that doesn’t mean you need to put up with a stuffy head! Here are some highly effective ways to make those allergy symptoms a thing of the past.

    Nasal Sprays and/or a Steam Humidifier

    Regardless of what climate you live in, chances are that if you suffer from spring allergies you tend to get a little stuffed up, which can make focusing on everything from that delicate task on the factory floor to caring for the kids at home extra challenging, especially when combined with other symptoms such as watery eyes. To clear nasal passages and allow for sufficient oxygen into your body, try a nasal spray using a saline solution, which expunges mucus and phlegm and enables you to regain focus and comfort. Alternatively, using a steam humidifier at work or inhaling steam from boiled water at home before heading to the office can make all the difference. Mouth-breathing allows for more dust and microbes to enter your body, so take care of your nose, and it will surely take care of you!

    Remain Sufficiently Hydrated at All Times

    By intaking enough clean water (whether directly or indirectly), you’re allowing your bronchial tubes, throat, and nose membranes to be protected from drying out and becoming increasingly susceptible to infection. A sinus infection is no fun experience, especially when combined with ongoing allergy symptoms that can result in a risk to your health, so getting enough H2o is essential to reducing the impact your allergies have on your everyday life. Over time – and in less time than without sufficient hydration – you’ll feel relief and be back to your old self.

    In the end, if you’re feeling stuffy and not-quite-there from springtime allergies, proper care to address symptoms is a must. Regardless of whether you have your work install a steam humidifier, implement some beneficial at-home strategies or get enough hydration, the result will be greater wellness, resilience, and mental focus. If you’re interested in learning more about steam humidifiers and other humidity control products, contact us at Condair today!

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