Mushroom Mania: Why Invest in Commercial Humidifiers for Grow Rooms?

For all mushroom enthusiast, whether a hobbyist or a business opportunist, growing mushrooms can be challenging. Why? For the mushrooms to successfully bear fruit, a delicate balance of light, carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature, and humidity are needed. Getting it right comes with experience. For newbies and hobbyists, have fun with this, it is a learning curve. For business opportunists, getting it wrong could lead to costly wastes due to irregularities in growth, contaminations, smaller yields, and lost time.

While mushrooms grow in dark areas, indirect lighting, such as sunlight, is needed to help mushrooms pin and sprout in the correct direction. Maintaining CO2 levels by providing continuous fresh air ventilation will avert problems such as stunted growth, spindly of stems, and missing caps. For mushrooms to flourish, temperatures between 22-24˚C (71 -75˚F) is recommended - outside of these parameters, there are risks that mushrooms may not fruit or could die. Sustaining an appropriate relative humidity (RH) between 70-95% can help prevent complications such as substrate cracking when too low, and bacteria and mold contamination when too high.

For commercial growers, Condair can help to achieve the necessary RH levels needed using a commercial humidifier for grow rooms. Let’s explore the benefits of doing so in more detail.

A Low-Energy, High-Yield Solution
Condair has a variety of humidifiers designed to utilize less energy thus lowering energy bills. Furthermore, these systems are designed to deliver consistent performance, ensuring that relative humidity conditions remain at levels pre-set by the user. The result is a higher growth yield, representing improved quality assurance and profitability.

No Drips, No Setbacks
Precipitation of any kind can cause mushrooms to develop dark spots, making them less appealing to customers. Oversaturation can also lead to harmful bacterial and mold growth. During a time when we are cautious about where we source produce for our own kitchen tables, a commercial humidifier for grow rooms can ensure optimal product quality in addition to growth rate. Systems such as ours offer drip-free performance, ensuring mushrooms meet the needs of growers – and the expectations of customers.

Low Maintenance, High Performance
Our humidifiers require minimal upkeep and can quickly be serviced by our own technicians as needed, so you can focus on growing the best produce possible. In addition, we can assist with planning custom installations for your unique grow room environment and address specific indoor climate control needs.

Brand Reputation
With plenty of competing mushroom growers in the marketplace, it is important to convey the right values, and adhere to a high standard of excellence, to wholesale clients and their customers’ in terms of product quality, availability, and cost. Any deviation from quality and supply could negatively impact your business. Proper humidity control acts as a form of insurance by regulating the growing conditions, therefore helping protect your bottom line.

Why is Condair the best Choice for Mushroom Growers?

In addition to our services and high-quality, high-efficiency humidifiers, Condair has many decades of practical experience in serving a range of agricultural applications. We work closely with operators to ensure our solutions are effective, reliable, and well-suited to a wide range of user cases, from the smallest to largest indoor environments. Plus, with our comprehensive commercial humidifier product range, available in various load capacities, we will work to find an ideal solution for your circumstance. This can be handy if you are planning an expansion to your growing operations and may need to invest in a larger-sized humidifier – we’re proud to have more compact alternatives available for smaller spaces as well.

Want to learn more about Condair’s commercial humidifiers for grow rooms? We’d be glad to show you. Contact us today to discover the benefits of proper humidity control for yourself!

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