Save Money with Humidity Control, the Condair Way!

At Condair, we know that proper humidity control is about more than basic operational improvements; businesses need to maximize profits and lower expenses, now more than ever, so creating an environment conducive to this is critical. By implementing a high-efficiency humidifier or evaporative cooling solution, a wide variety of applications can benefit from reduced energy consumption, longer-lasting equipment and happier workers. 

Today, let’s spotlight how to save money with humidity control, highlighting key features of popular Condair products along the way.

Cut Down on Absenteeism and Downtime

Workers who pick up viruses easily are susceptible to throttling back their performance and taking more sick days. This is a needless complication to your operations that should be taken seriously, but it’s also not the fault of the employee in question. Products such as our EL Series of electrode steam humidifiers are ideal for offices and manufacturing environments when it comes to regulating indoor humidity levels. This is critical to keeping workers and visitors healthy as aerosols harbouring bacteria will fall to the ground more quickly and not reach as many individuals when humidity levels are maintained between 40-60% RH. Therefore, if an employee comes to work with the flu, you have a fighting chance in minimizing the spread, protecting both your workers and your bottom line when the indoor humidity is controlled.

Free Natural Cooling

Evaporative cooling is a process that can help cool your indoor space and regulate the indoor temperature. Our evaporative humidifiers enable operators to regulate relative humidity and control how warm or cool an environment is, which is perfect for sensitive applications such as food storage, data center management, and warehousing – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Altogether, making the switch to evaporative cooling represents tremendous collective savings in the long term.

Increased Equipment Longevity

What do printing presses, server rooms, expensive manufacturing equipment and desktop computers all have in common? Well, they’re a serious investment, sensitive to environmental conditions, costly to replace, and can slow your operations down if they require more frequent maintenance or break down on a regular basis. One of the most significant ways to save money with humidity control is to maintain an indoor environment that keeps such equipment in peak operating condition for longer. In most cases, the ideal relative humidity range is 40-60% RH, which prevents everything from dust buildup in exhaust vents to electrostatic discharges that can fry circuit boards. Therefore, proper humidity control can effectively extend the lifespan of your equipment while lowering the risk of breakdowns, short-outs, data loss, and reduced efficiency.

Optimal Worker Performance

The best-performing employees are those who aren’t suffering from irritability, discomfort or illness. Having a humidification solution, be it an evaporative humidifier or otherwise, installed that addresses all operating areas is therefore a great way to keep workers working! A balanced amount of air moisture content in a room represents optimal hydration for the mind, skin and eyes, helping employees focus on the job at hand and feel less sluggish. It can even influence moods, which is ideal for reducing workplace drama and making faster progress on collaborative projects.  

Want to experience even more ways to save money with humidity control? Condair can help you get there. Contact us today to learn more about our humidifier selection for commercial and industrial applications, evaporative cooling solutions, and more.

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