How Data Center Cooling Works, the Condair Way

Today’s data centers face a plethora of challenges. Whether keeping servers and connected computer systems updated or ensuring a secure, clean and cool operating environment, it’s important to run a tight ship. When folks come to us at Condair and ask how data center cooling works, they’re often surprised by what risks it can minimize.

Today, let’s explore those in more detail and outline the process.

The Essentials

Servers and other electronics commonly found in data centers generate a lot of heat when housed in the same room. If you operate a large facility with tens of dozens of server racks, for instance, this can cause major problems including system overheats and component damage. At the same time, it’s important to regulate the indoor air moisture content, known otherwise as relative humidity (RH). The ASHRAE recommended standards for such environments include a dew point of 41.9 Fahrenheit and 60 percent RH. While any high-capacity humidifier can address this, temperature remains a problem. Therefore, evaporative humidifiers such as those by Condair are the ideal solution. This is especially the case for environments where free air cooling isn’t enough.

Why Evaporative Humidifiers?

These systems are designed to be highly energy efficient – a single Condair unit delivers as much as 630kW of cooling, all while consuming 0.3kW or less of energy. This low energy means of evaporative cooling is introduced to the airstream while pulling fresh air in, improving ventilation efficiency while helping operators regulate indoor temperatures and relative humidity levels. Exhaust air is humidified and the cool thermal energy from incoming air passes through a heat recovery system before being dispersed.

Mitigate Risks Like Never Before

With an evaporative humidifier of sufficient load capacity relative to your facility size, it’s possible to eliminate several potential risks to your data center. By regulating the indoor air quality and air moisture content, equipment and personnel are spared from electrostatic discharges that could otherwise endanger employees or damage sensitive components. Dust suppression is also improved, which is essential for those many system fan exhaust ports and internal housings to keep servers performing efficiently. Operating costs can also be dramatically reduced over time by using a highly energy-efficient evaporative cooling solution, and workers will benefit from a cool, comfortable and controlled indoor environment.

Condair Solutions

We don’t just offer one evaporative cooling solution – we offer several. In fact, data centers of any size or layout can benefit from our personalized approach to system installations including fully customized projects. Whether you need separate in-room steam humidifiers, in-duct evaporative systems, air handling unit upgrades or otherwise, we’re happy to help you breathe easier from a cost control and performance standpoint.

Want to learn more about how data center cooling works? We’d love to show you. Contact us at Condair today to learn more about our solutions, available to accommodate for any required load size.

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