Nortec GS Series Humidifier


Leading humidification innovation… once again

The World’s First True Condensing High Efficiency, Gas-Fired Humidifier - It’s just the right thing to do!

Condair has been manufacturing gas-fired humidification systems for almost two decades and we’re still looking to improve on our past designs. Our newest GS Series keeps all of our long standing objectives in mind showcased in our most efficient package yet.  


Showcasing a total efficiency of over 90%, the new GS Series (HE) is the first gas-fired humidifier to apply condensing technology to operate in high-efficiency.  To achieve this, the product uses secondary heat exchanger - an industry first -  to  provide true condensing high-efficiency.  The secondary heat exchanger provides dual benefits; water is pre-heated before entering the tank and combustion exhaust gasses are cooled down significantly. Exhaust gas temperatures are reduced by over 50% when compared to a mid-efficiency (80%) product, allowing for the use of CPVC venting during installation.


Condair GS Series gas-fired humidifiers provide clean steam hu­midification at an economical operating cost. Units are packaged in a powder coated cabinet for zero clearance space requirement while offering high efficiency output. They can be controlled from either a local humidistat or from the central Building Management System. The combustion system uses a modulating forced draft combustion air blower, a negative pressure regulator gas valve and a 100% premix burner. On a call for humidity, the combustion air blower starts creating a negative pressure across the valve orifice located at the air inlet. The gas valve opens and the regulated gas/air mixture is forced through the burner ports and is ignited by the spark igniter. Integrated flame and air flow sensors ensure safe operation.


This product derives its value from being the sole truly high-efficiency gas-fired humidifier available, using over 90% of the energy from the gas and reducing operating costs.  Low exhaust temperatures allows for venting flexibility with both BH and CPVC venting as options. Those who choose this product will find value in the CPVC option which not only has a more cost effective and easier installation but also greatly reduces the payback period for a high efficiency upgrade. A low-emissions (NX) version of the GS is also available, with slightly reduced efficiency (>88%), but with low NOx emissions of 10 ppm which falls under SCAQMD emissions standards for gas-fired humidifiers.


Easy Cleaning & Maintenance

Humidifier maintenance has been simplified in the GS Series humidifier with a new tank and heat exchanger design. Less consumables reduces maintenance time as well as cost.

Installation Savings

A new venting option that is being introduced with the new GS Series (HE) humifier is CPVC venting.

This is a great alternative to stainless steel venting. Not only is it easier to work with, but installation costs are greatly reduced creating short pay back periods.

More Standard Features

More standard features means more flexibility. The new GS Series humidifier comes fully stocked as a complete out of the box system. Seamless integration into existing Building Management Systems. Standard connection using Modbus, BACnet IP and BACnet MSTP (slave). An option for LonWorks and BTL certified BACnet is available.

Application Flexibility

Condair GS Series humidifiers offer complete application flexibility to system engineers, contractors and customers. You can count on Condair’s GS Series gas-fired humidifier when you need humidity for:

  • commercial offices
  • schools and libraries
  • museums and art galleries
  • manufacturing facilities
  • laboratories
  • hospitals
  • printing plants

Every Condair GS Series model has been engineered to meet the highest standards of cost effective, efficient performance. They are designed for ease of installation, adaptability, simplicity of operation, ease of maintenance and servicing, energy efficiency, cleanliness, and long term reliability.


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