Hygienic Solution

The fact is this compressed air humidifier is completely sanitary and hygienic - it’s no wonder this unit was known as the BioSafe: UV-C sterilization kills bacteria in the water, Automatic line-flushing ensures no stagnant water sits idly and, the optional RO ensures crisp clean water is supplied to the space.

Excellent Energy Costs & Entry Level Price Point

Not only is the AF-22’s price point advantageous for small, medium or large businesses, but the real savings is in its energy use when compared to isothermal steam humidifiers.  The AF-22 is a convenient energy efficient solution for all industries with a starting price point that won’t burn your wallet or your buildings budget. 

Condair's AF-22 Humidifier

Compressed Air Humidifier - Everything But Hot Air!

Compressed air humidification doesn’t have to be hard. Rise above the ordinary with the robust, simple to install, operate and maintain compressed air humidification system. Reduce dust, static electricity discharge and ensure pitch perfect humidity levels for all your application needs.

If you’ve got a low ceiling, retrofit application or if you require an efficient all-around system for an industrial application, look no further than the AF-22 by Condair. The AF-22 can deliver up to 22 lbs/hr of humidification to a desired space. Simple, no big bulky humidifiers and the option to use softened water or reverse osmosis treated water makes this humidifier your guaranteed choice for direct room in-space success.

Three Sources of Water

With the option to have a Gauge and Filter Rail (water filter), or mini-RO reverse osmosis system, or tie into your existing facilities water source; the AF-22 has your facility in mind. Giving you options and flexibility to meet the needs of every space, whether it’s a print shop or a digital printing room, textile, or wood working space, turn to the AF-22.

As Easy as 1-2-3

Plug and play humidification with everything needed to get you started. Your AF-22 comes with a few parts that you’ll connect with relative ease. Standard tubing is provided; you just mount and attach the appropriate compressed air, water, and electrical connections to the wall bracket.

Versatile Uses

Existing facilities retrofit projects, tight and new spaces, the AF-22 can handle it all.  The only thing limiting this humidifier is a dedicated compressed air source.  The many uses of the AF-22, along with the simple setup make using it a breeze for existing locations that need a breath of fresh compressed air.  Ideal for wood working, digital print, textiles,  anywhere you find compressed air.

Why Choose the AF-22 Humidifier?

  • Easy and simple to use.  Plug and play humidification.
  • Ideal for low ceiling or retrofit applications.
  • Sanitary and hygienic unit.
  • Energy efficient solution when compared to isothermal steam humidifiers.
  • Option to use softened water or reverse osmosis treated water.

Condair's AF22 Humidifiers are ideal for many applications including: