MLRO Reverse Osmosis Humidifier Water Treatment

The MLRO reverse osmosis removes minerals from the water supply, ensuring hygienic water is available for a wide range of applications.  RO systems are paired with Condair humidifiers to allow for easier maintenance, improved operation and unit life as well as hygiene. The pores of the membranes of the MLRO system are fine enough to filter out 95– 98% of all minerals and bacteria.

Reverse osmosis (RO), is an effective and economic method of removing unwanted minerals from water. By removing the minerals from a humidifier’s supply water, any scale buildup in the system is virtually eliminated. This results in a much lower level of required maintenance in all types of humidifiers, as well as reduced energy consumption in steam humidifiers. Steam humidifiers that run on mains water require occasional draining of their tanks in order to maintain a low mineral content and reduce scale accumulation.

Stainless steel for safety

All parts of the MLRO system in contact with water are made from stainless steel. This guarantees a long useful life and uncompromising hygiene.


All MLRO systems are planned and executed as customer-specific projects.  Depending on requirements, a range of capacities, storage tanks and customizable plumbing lines are available to suit project needs. This guarantees the assembly of a plant system that is precisely tailored to match requirements and on-site conditions.

Service and safety

We offer maintenance service contracts to guarantee troublefree system operation.  All ML products satisfy stringent hygiene standards. As an extra level of safety, we run microbial and bacterial tests on plant during servicing.

When it has to be more

The ML systems are designed for high-volume humidification applications. The individual modules have flexible expansion options and some offer unlimited humidification capacities.  Customer-specific combined water treatment systems can handle volumes up to 10,000 litres.

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