What Does a Humidifier Do to Benefit Tourism Applications?

Tourism is an industry built on the backbones of three key principles: Comfort, safety, and value. In order to provide the ultimate experience to guests while also taking good care of employees operating locations, keeping your indoor environment under control is essential. However, without proper humidity control standards in place, such operations may only achieve half their potential. So, what does a humidifier do specifically to benefit tourism applications? Let’s explore in more detail.

Airborne Infection Control Efficiency

Now more than ever, businesses are working hard to maintain safe and healthy environments for visitors and employees. Installing a commercial humidifier and regulating the indoor humidity level between 40-60% RH means gaining an upper hand in the fight against viral outbreaks. Maintaining humidity in this range plays a role in minimizing the aerosols that dispersed when people talk, sneeze, cough and breath that contain microbes.  When the air is humidified these aerosols are forced to settle sooner, limiting their reach. In that sense, during viral outbreaks, airborne infection control strategies are much more effective. This equates to not only reduced risk for employees and guests but also lower absenteeism and an overall safer operating environment. Plus, since drier environments also tend to cause sore throats and noses, maintaining proper humidity control also effectively means boosting the immune systems of building occupants, meaning guests can thoroughly enjoy your facilities and employees can better serve them.

Optimal Comfort

From shopping and dining to special events and exhibitions, the world of tourism can host a variety of visitors. When it comes to hosting visitors, comfort is one of the most significant and critical aspects as the more relaxed and happy guests are, the more they’ll be tempted to stick around and see what you have to offer. Low relative humidity in hotel environments can cause skin and eye irritation, trigger allergic reactions in guests due to increased dust buildup, and even present electrostatic shock risks when they peel back the covers to tuck into bed at night. High humidity can introduce breathing problems, damage electronics, and even cause mold outbreaks. Implementing a commercial humidifier can keep the relative humidity right where it should be in the 40-60% RH zone, mitigating these risks for the most part when combined with regular site maintenance and upkeep, which itself is also made more cost-effective with fewer equipment breakdowns.

Improved Energy Efficiency

It goes without saying that many tourism operators dread the day their energy bills arrive. Some operations are massive in size, taking up a large number of facilities, especially in resort environments.  Condair’s commercial humidifiers are designed to utilize as little energy as possible while still providing dependable results, delivering tremendous long-term value. As well evaporative cooling solutions can also aid in cooling your environment which can take the pressure off your air conditioning units and their energy usage.

Material Preservation

Is your environment home to exotic hardwood floors, a band stage full of sensitive instruments or a buffet stocked with a variety of foods? Proper humidity control can help protect materials, perishable items and sensitive components by regulating the air moisture content indoors, keeping things at levels optimal for preservation. This can also mean an extended lifespan on electronic equipment.

So, just what does a humidifier do for tourism operations? To summarize, it levels out operating costs through equipment preservation, helps keep visitors and staff safe and healthy with improved airborne infection control, provides greater long-term energy efficiency and cost savings, and makes for a much more comfortable and inviting environment for guests. Condair is happy to help you find the ideal solution for your business – contact us today for details on our commercial humidifiers and more!

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