Selecting Condair Humidifiers was a BLACK and WHITE Choice For Me.

Let me tell you why...

Sometimes, mistakes happen. This time it happened to me. I ordered my customer a new GSTC 200 indoor model, with all the accessories needed to make it work. The problem is that my customer needed a GSTC 200 outdoor instead!

I contacted Condair to see if they could help me out – my customer had an indoor unit on site, and needed an outdoor one ASAP. Condair’s Chris Habets, Product Manager – Gas, told me that he had a potential solution for me. There was a 200 pound an hour GSTC Outdoor that had just been swapped out of Condair’s AHR show booth that we might be able to use.

I sent Condair the specifications from my customer, and Condair confirmed that the unit matched my needs. As I obviously needed this unit as fast as possible, Condair had the unit tested before I even got my purchase order in!

I was expecting a standard quick ship lead time, at best, and an unhappy customer. Instead, we had a wet-tested unit shipped out days after I realized I needed it.

On top of this, Condair offered me an excellent discount on the unit. I now have – and am – a happy customer.

Using Condair Humidifiers was a black and white choice for me.

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